How to build a Queue Waiting Management App?

25 Aug 2021

The terms “annoyance,” “plenty of people,” and “waste of time” come to mind when we think of queuing.

But, to put it another way, what is a queue? A line of people waiting for services or products is referred to as a queue. It’s even easier in economic terms: a queue is a textbook example of demand oversupply. When more people are queuing than clerks available to serve them, we have a problem.

The longer the line, the greater the discrepancy.

Waiting has become an important, if not unavoidable, aspect of our lives, which makes it all the more shocking that many businesses still struggle with managing the waiting experience. Let’s look at what these organizations are doing wrong with queue management and, more importantly, what you can do right.

So, the obvious question in mind is, what is queue management, exactly?

What is a Queue Management System?

Queue management is the process of Managing and Controlling client flow and waiting for lines to streamline the queueing process and improve customer satisfaction and service personnel productivity.

That, believe it or not, is one of the numerous benefits that good queue management may provide to your company and employees.

Here’s a sample of what you’re in for if the queue management you use isn’t up to the job:

  • Poor queue management puts you at a competitive disadvantage: 74% of your customers will shop at a competitor’s store if the line looks to be shorter.
  • Ineffective queue management leads to conflicts: 27% of consumers are irritated by fellow shoppers while queuing, and 19% of shoppers have fought with a partner or friend while queuing.
  • Inadequate queue management leads to revenue loss: Long lineups cost merchants up to £12 billion in potential sales losses each year due to poor queue management.
  • Terrify the Purchase Frequency: Bad queue management has been shown to reduce purchase frequency from 30% to 27% when the queue length increases from 10 to 15 consumers.

Why does your business may need an effective Queue Management Application?

COVID-19 stipulations

Many organizations and workplaces have limitations on the number of customers or visitors on their premises. For both operational and regulatory reasons, managing the flow of visitors is critical.

Customer experience has improved.

Customers and visitors despise having to wait in lines. Wait times can be made less frustrating by clearly explaining the wait time and making it easy to schedule appointments. Furthermore, allowing guests to wait wherever they choose or roam about rather than standing in line makes for a far more enjoyable experience.

Know how long customers have to wait

You can understand who is coming to your premises and when by having accurate real-time and historical data on waiting times. This data enables you to adapt your company operations to anticipate and respond to demand peaks and troughs.

4 Must-have features of Queue Management Mobile Application:

Booking, ticketing, notification, and admittance are the four primary components of the system for your queue management app. All of the components are entirely adjustable and changeable.


Users can reserve a spot in line via an online booking system, a dedicated ticketing station, or a QR code shown on the premises on their smart device. The QR code can be printed on a poster or displayed on digital signs.

Customers can choose a specific time slot or request the virtual queue’s next available slot. The system can be set up to recognize and prioritize VIP consumers.


The customer receives a confirmation on their mobile device or a printed ticket after making an appointment. This contains both the time and the location. They can then wait in whichever location is most convenient for them, such as their car, home, or elsewhere.

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When the customer’s appointment time approaches or they approach the front of the line, a notification appears on their mobile device advising them to go to the location. This reduces the time spent waiting on-site.


The customer must provide their booking confirmation upon arrival. This can be done with a reader that scans their phone or combined with the occupancy control software to create a completely automated app.

How much does it cost to build a Queue Management App?

When you start working on a Queue Management app, you can’t judge and figure out development costs right away. The development team must initially examine the original requirements. Surely, before sending quoting a budget, the development team will assess the number of hours required to implement your demands and so many other factors like;

  • Functionality and features
  • Visual design customization (template or custom)
  • Platforms (iOS, Android)
  • App administration and backend infrastructure

But, if we take a look at the average cost of building an android app, it may cost you around $18000 to $23000, and it will be around $20000 to $25000 for an iOS app. Also, we provide Andoird & iOS development using cross-platform like React Native for combined App development. It will cost you around $25000 to $35000 to build, which can vary based on complexity and special feature requirements.

To know more about how to develop a Queue Management app and how it will cost you as per your requirement, reach us at [email protected] and get started today!

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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How to build a Queue Waiting Management App?

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