Top Mobile App Technology Trends that Revolutionize Education Industry in 2019

It is very true that the only thing that is constant in the Universe is change. Everything has to get better continually, and this comes with innovation that is the basis of technology. One of the most important factors that requires a change in the

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: What to Expect in Future

Virtual Reality and Augmented have one huge thing in common, and that is there remarkable capacity of altering the world’s perception. Virtual Reality can change the user brings you to some other place. This is done with a variety of closed gog

Top PHP Framework to work within 2019 toward Web Development Project

PHP is the world’s most famous and widely used scripting language. The reason behind its extreme popularity is the ease of use and the flexibility it gives. A lot of times coding in PHP can get repetitive, and this is the place where PHP framew

How Successful Mobile App Idea can Change your Business

In case you think that mobile apps are mainly just for huge brands like Uber and Zomato, you are not right. Some small and medium business today do follow the trend of mobile apps as they have an understanding of the importance of an effective market

How App Push Notification can help your business to Enhance User Engagement

One of the most effective ways to increase the customer base for any business is building a mobile app alongside the products and services website. Since the life of a majority of the world’s population revolves around smartphones, it is necess

Benefits of having Enterprise Chat app for your SME Business

There is nothing better to break the boredom of a desk-bound existence than to have a chat. Yes, a conversation is now a trend because it fosters business. Here are things that make a chat invaluable for you and your business. Improve Communication E

All you need to know about Vue Native: A framework to build Native Mobile Apps

The IT industry is a constantly changing and upgrading industry. To survive in an IT industry one must constantly upgrade and be able to identify with the latest technologies and also adapt to them. The IT developers are aware of this and therefore a

How to attract user in Crucial 20 seconds of Mobile App Onboarding

Humans take about 5 minutes to judge a person and take only 20 seconds to judge a mobile app. These 20 seconds are crucial for a mobile app to cast its good first impression. With the smartphone addiction getting more and more, people have become les

How Mobile App Can Help Startup To Grow Faster:

If you think that having mobile apps represent just big brands and company, then you might have looked into wrong. Even companies that are small or start-ups are slowly but surely are trying to go for the mobile app trend. It can be something as litt

Benefits Of Having Web Development With VUE JS (JavaScript)

In order to build a user interface, you need to use a framework that is reliable and progressive. It is beneficial for both businesses as well as developers. Developers use a wide array of techniques and tools in order to ensure that they launch appl