Why should the Healthcare Industry invest in Hospital Management App?

30 Jun 2021

Mobile apps are changing the healthcare industry everywhere. Hospital Management apps are making the medical facilities vibrant and allowing them to micromanage the things happening within. Apps are popular and viable as they are made with a perfect combination of the most commonly desired features and customized features.

Smartly designed apps are rectifying all the major issues Hospitals are facing in their day-to-day operations. Let’s see what those issues are:

Issues with Hospital Management Workflow:

1. Lack of Employee Management:

Hospitals are employed with a huge number of Doctors, nurses, technicians and other general staff. They majorly divided based on their specialties and allotted tasks and cases based on it. Managing them manually daily definitely asks for errors and delayed work allotment. On top of that, uneven workflow has a history of uneven workload distribution, resulting in the overloading of some doctors and nurses and vice versa. Also, management couldn’t identify the exact need for the recruitment of resident doctors and visiting consultants to share the workload.

2. Lack of Record Management:

Manually record management asks for lots of paperwork and time. Also, it is a cumbersome task that irritates employees with its robotic flow and results in errors. Due to errors and tedious paper management activities, records are not managed efficiently and not stored systematically to get on time when needed.

3. Lack of Preventive Maintenance:

Hospitals and medical facilities are loaded with huge amounts of assets and tools. If not maintained on time, will cause downtime or higher maintenance and purchase cost of new tools and assets. Due to manual systems, preventive maintenance is not possible, and if attempted, not much effective to solve all maintenance issues.

4. Lack of E-documentation:

Traditional record-keeping system has no room for E-documentation. E-documentation reduces the efforts and energy to maintain and preserve paper records and creates long-duration storage of records. But manual systems lack such technologies.

5. Lack of Real-time Communication:

Most traditional medical institutes and facilities and nursing homes have no centralized communication system that enables the employees to communicate internally and share the documents as and when needed, especially in case of urgency.

6. Lack of Real-time Report Accessibility:

Traditional systems take time to generate reports and cannot be measured in real-time, preventing the management from taking the necessary action on time on relevant areas.

Why is a Hospital Management App a must for Medical Facilities?

Apps are the handiest and helping tools that make hospital management easy and modern touch. Some of the most important solutions discussed below that hospital management apps provide makes them a must in recent times.

Co-ordinated WorkFlows:

Apps help you define the workflows to coordinate different departments and employees to manage their interdependencies and precedence if any.

Patient Satisfaction with Transparency:

Apps are for each person connected to a hospital, like doctors, nurses, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, patients, general management team and so on. As everyone has accessibility, all the processes and activities, records and updates are transparent and shared with all connected people.

Well-Planned Facility Management:

All the Facilities are listed in apps. Their statuses can be tracked and identified from time to time and actions can be taken to manage pre-planned activities. Also, hospitals can manage assets & equipment tracking like Hospital Bed tracking to check availability.

Hospital Bed Tracking system

Accurate Reports and Documentation:

Reports and Documentation can be easily stored in systems and downloadable and even it can be shared in a click-easy way. As identified with patients’ names and identification numbers and other tracking parameters, mismanagement of reports is near zero.

Centralized Communication System:

Apps have messaging systems that can be managed from web-based systems and smartphones to stay in touch and keep sharing updates and notifications.

Online Patient’s Record Maintenance:

Patient records and treatment files can be stored in the cloud. Online record maintenance offers 24*7 accessibility.

Online Consultation:

Hospital management apps are featured with video call facilities that empower patients for online doctor consultation in emergency and unavailability of movement.

Online Prescription for Patient:

Consulting doctors can also generate E-prescriptions for medication and share them with Patients and pharmacies.

Online Patient Appointment Booking:

Hospital management can streamline appointment booking and appointment scheduling very easy and hassle-free for patients and hospital staff.

Online Billing Management:

With Online Billing management, patients can get all the payment-related updates and notifications on the app, can store the invoices for future needs, and also can manage online payments to avoid cashout situations and unsafe cash transactions.

E-Alerts and Notifications:

Apps can deliver E-alerts and notifications like appointment reminders, medication patterns, billing updates, rescheduling or changes in treatments, etc. to avoid the chaos in emergency and streamline the day-to-day operations.

Why Opt for Customized App Development for Hospital Management against vendor-based solutions?

Vendor-based solutions are designed and developed with most standard features but every hospital has its own issues and work patterns they need to manage.

In such cases,  if you develop it with a mobile app development service provider,  your customized apps can help you develop the solution exactly with those needed features. Also, it can be improved with the addition and updating of features on time to time basis, no need to wait for the vendor to upgrade the version. Vendor-based solutions are also compatible with integration but have pre-decided software and apps on the list. In contrast, You can integrate with customized apps, which all the software and apps hospitals use daily.

Develop a Hospital Management App

Some of the benefits of Customized App development for Hospital management solutions are:

  • Customized Workflows
  • Scalability
  • Customized Features
  • Customized Billing Management
  • Ability to Integrate with desired Software


Modernized touch to a service like Hospitals is a must in recent times to streamline the approach and usabilities. Apps are the most commonly used technology by everyone today with smartphones and gives them easy solutions to each recurring problem related to hospitals and medical facilities. How to develop a Hospital management solution app and how it works contact our team at [email protected] and get started today.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Why should the Healthcare Industry invest in Hospital Management App?

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Why should the Healthcare Industry invest in Hospital Management App?

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