10 Chat App Features to Include that Wins Hearts

16 Jan 2023

People use chat applications for chatting, personally and professionally, to connect with other people and businesses at the touch of a button. Communication is made simple by a fast, user-friendly, and secure chat app. This is the ideal technique to assist potential customers in making a purchasing choice for companies looking to interact with their target market. In this post, you will learn about the most important elements that a chat application must have in order to provide its users with top-notch service, cutting-edge features that will keep users coming back for more, and many other things you need to know to get started in 2023.

Let’s get started.

Chat Apps: What is it?

Chatting applications are the communication tools that make it possible to communicate via an online platform. Instant messaging and efficient correspondence are both possible.

Why Chat Apps are Important and How It Enhances the Opportunities?

Chat apps are used with great sincerity because there is a sneaky chance to turn chat application services into significant marketing and sales channels. A peculiar role for artificial intelligence must also be played in this.

The need for creating mobile-specific conversation apps has increased as mobile devices now account for more than 70% of all visits to major digital news websites. Social platforms account for a large portion of the traffic and referrals that news organizations see, which is a fantastic potential for relationship-building and audience engagement. Chat messengers pose as mobile social media representatives and generate traffic that is simply too large to ignore.

10 Must-have Features of Chat App that Make It Most Desired Option

1. Easy App Login

A person needs to register as a user of the app to utilize it. When a company develops an app for Android or iOS, the possibilities for signing up and logging in to a chat app can be numerous. Email addresses, mobile numbers, and social media logins are all possibilities. The target audience can help businesses decide on the login method. Users can utilize the chat app at any time on any device and from any platform when they register.

2. Digital Privacy and Encryption

The upkeep of end-to-end encryption and online privacy is required to secure the data and information users exchange through a messaging app. Your app should provide this feature to prevent anyone other than the sender and recipient from reading the messages.

3. Cloud & Data Synchronization

The ability to store your files in multiple locations while keeping them up to date via cloud services is not a new function. All other devices are updated automatically when you update a document on one device. As a result, users’ data and conversation history can be accessed whenever and anywhere they like.

4. AI-Chat Bot

AI-based chatbots are prevalent in messaging apps. However, it’s crucial first to comprehend chatbots. Software agents known as chatbots interact and communicate with human users via text message while speaking naturally to make chores easier. One of the first messengers to introduce its own bot platform was Telegram. On Telegram, chatbots carry out a wide range of duties, from handling finances to reporting on the latest news. Because of this, adding this talking app function can set Telegram apart from other chatting and messenger apps.

5. Geolocation

Speaking of geolocation, which you may have previously heard about, there are numerous instant messaging and chat applications that enable users to share their current position along with status updates. Additionally, there are a lot more ways to use geolocation for chat apps.

Many applications, including social networking and transportation apps, can make advantage of geolocation features. In reality, it has been determined that such a characteristic is the foundation of many companies, without which it would be extremely difficult for the owners to run their operations.

In the end, we may conclude that it is worthwhile to include while creating chat-related apps.

6. Push Notifications

Push notifications are essential for instant messaging apps because they allow users to check for new messages. Push notifications are necessary to facilitate a direct connection between app users and messenger providers. Additionally, it updates users on fresh messages.

Users can be informed when their friends or favorite contacts are online, when messages are actually read and understood, and when contacts start responding. By including these things, you may attract a large audience to utilize your chat or messenger app.

7. Dark and Light Mode

Include both a dark and light mode when creating a chat application. The user base will stay loyal to the app if it has appealing looks. The user can use their mobile longer thanks to the chat application’s dark mode feature, which extends battery life. The dark mode also allows users to utilize the chat app in dimly lit areas and at night, when the light may be bothersome to their eyes.

8. Message Broadcasting

With this function, users can form a group of their chosen contacts and send messages to them frequently. Receivers will begin seeing all of these texts as regular individual messages.

Unlike group messages, broadcasting does not allow receivers to identify other app users who also get the message. News organizations frequently utilize this messaging app feature. Additionally, those who want to send promotional messages will be regarded the same as everyone else sending a personal message.

9. Voice and Video Calls

With the help of this chat app’s features, users may rapidly connect via three different channels: live chat, voice calls, and video calls. Instead of attempting to use other methods of communication with the company’s customer care, users can use any method of communication and spend more time inside the chat app.

10. VR and AR Technologies

Given the advantages that augmented reality and virtual reality are bringing to various business sectors, it is safe to claim that these technologies can also improve your messaging experience. Users can conduct an in-person video conversation with pals using augmented reality technology. Users who use VR can interact virtually with each other.

What’s More? – Some Additional Chat App Features

  • File Transfer
  • Location Sharing & Tracking
  • Profiles Customization
  • E-Wallet
  • Date and Event Triggered Scheduled Messaging
  • Fun Stickers and GIFs

Technology Stack for Chat Application Development

For creating a chat app, the majority of developers utilize the following tech stack:

  • Ejabberd XMPP or socket.io
  • Swift – iOS
  • Java – Android
  • XMPP or socket.io as the backend with Node JS

And that’s not it. Customization or advancement of the app can ask for more technology stacks.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Chat App?

After taking into account the following, it is feasible to determine the approximate cost of constructing a chat app:

  • The Platform on which the app will be made available
  • Team size for the development project
  • The geographical location of the chat app developers or companies
  • Complexity involved
  • Desired App Features
  • Technologies and Instruments to be employed in the Development

The app’s price will increase as more customization and features are added. To know more about how much it costs based on your requirement, contact us now.

Ending Note:

The future of business communication is instant messaging. Making decisions based on company customer support information is simple for the client. It is sage to spend money on the top chat application that fits your company’s and your target market’s needs. Do you have a Chat app project in Mind? – Connect with our team of experts now at [email protected].


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