Top Mobile App Technology Trends in 2021

18 Nov 2019

Can you guess the number of applications on google play store? 2.8 million!!! Now imagine total downloads of the apps annually. Do you know how many apps downloaded per annum? According to rough numbers, by 2021, the total number of downloaded applications reaches 352.9 billion.

I think this number is enough to show the demand for mobile applications. Mobile application development needs investment, but it also attracts the same. You can invest in the mobile app industry for all kinds of and all sizes of business.

From startup to small business and individual to big companies are stepping their foot in this trending technology. Mobile apps help to organize as well as create brand awareness, boost customer engagement, deliver personalized content, reduce costs, and increase sales.

Advanced technologies like the Internet of things, chatbots, machine learning, AR/VR, AI, machine learning has a significant impact on the mobile application field, and it continues for more years due to further advancement. So let’s discuss how the trends set.


NowaDays Artificial intelligence is the future for mobile app development. Today it has taken the world to the next level. Yes, it needs excellent investment, and some people are looking for innovative ideas that are a class apart and the exceptional one.
By 2025, it is estimated that the AI market will cross $190 billion globally. Some advanced applications are extensively and actively using AI? The integration of AI and other advanced frameworks can create smarter applications than others. This kind of application can maintain vast data, calculate distance over the application, analyze customer behavior, speech and face recognition, and others.

Machinery based on AI is replacing humans. The best example is Google, which can make calls or show real-time location and path. In the past few years, the evolution of AI has revolutionized mobile app development and brings some innovative ideas.

Beacon Technology

Beacon technology connects and transmits the data to the smart device. It enables location-based searching and improves interaction. Let me explain in simple words. For example, you have a superstore; with this technology, the application will notify you of time when people are around your store.

Beacon technology for app development

Beacon is the latest development in the field of proximity marketing and time- location technology. If we talk about future scope, then it has enormous scope in the retail section and proximity marketing, but it needs successful integration with IoT. You are already using some apps that are using this technology. Some of the examples are healthcare, hotels, and others.

Bacon is nothing but a data-gathering tool that allows businesses to understand the services and user behavior. The primary beneficial industry is logistics and transportation. They can track the logistics more accurately.

Accelerated Mobile Pages- AMP

Do you like to wait for a few minutes or say 45-50 seconds while mobile pages load? Of course, no! We just switch the tab and open another result. So to solve this problem related to loading of the pages, google introduced AMP in collab with Twitter. It helps the developers to improve performance rate and reduce the bounce speed.

AMP can maximize user retention and offer a better experience to the users. Even Google announced its AMP listings as an official integration of its search results on mobile. There was also an announcement that says about the provision of a mobile search box that assists users in finding the mobile-friendly design of the website.

APM-Application Performance Management & EMM- Enterprise Mobile Management

APM and EMM are two elements that are a critical part of mobile app development. APM integrated into Google in 2016. It was introduced to improve application speed and overall performance. And as a result, APM preferred by many QA testers for the app testing process.

EMM is a platform that improves the security of mobile devices. Employees use it in the business that streamlined the business process and others. EMM also exchange the data over the app and improve work efficiency. It includes components like maintaining apps, app security, and finance management.

Switch from 4G to 5G

Yes, we are using 4G technology and eagerly waiting for 5G. Once it enters the market, undoubtedly, it will be in demand. Lie me, and you, all of the people, are waiting for it. I think maximum by the end of the year; we get the 5G wireless network.

Wait for a year, and after that, it will rock the world. How can we say that? Go and search for a 5G network, and you can see a lot of talking and thinking about this upcoming technology. According to reports, 5G will be 100X faster than a 4G network with higher data security, AR, and 3D gaming.

Instant Apps

Google launched instant apps in a few years. These apps do not require to be downloaded. Instant apps are native apps for the android platform and offer some brilliant functions. Accessibility is the major attraction of these apps. One can use it on the android platform without installing, and even many apps offer a trial version as well. Another advantage of these apps is that they provide a better user experience and smaller in size than regular apps.

They offer functionality like a website without using mobile phone memory. Undoubtedly, instant apps have thinner the line between user and app, applications and device compatibility, and download and installation.


These are specific innovations and revolutions going to blast in the mobile app industry. Are you excited and looking for its advantage. If you are thinking to develop a mobile app for your business with new trending technologies, share your requirement at Quest Infosense. And get to know about how it impacts your business, you can ask us. We will help you to understand the individual one.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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