Top Mobile App Technology Trends that Revolutionize Education Industry in 2019

11 Mar 2019

It is very true that the only thing that is constant in the Universe is change. Everything has to get better continually, and this comes with innovation that is the basis of technology. One of the most important factors that requires a change in the education sector. And this is perfectly being achieved through the various app technology that is being developed. Giving smartphones to children was something that parents were against, but it has now become something that they encourage their kids to do.  All thanks to the groundbreaking apps that have to change how students learn these days.

The learning scene that we are in today is dependent on the support of the internet and also mobile learning. It provides huge opportunities to students and the coursework is designed in a manner that overall development of the student can take place.

Here we have for you the present mobile app technology that is going to revolutionize the education industry in the year 2019.

  • Chatbots

A chatbot is able to gather opinions through a dialogue interface. Chatbot development can be seen as something similar to a situation like a real interviewer, but there is really small work that is needed from the person. The conversation is easily adapted according to the personality and replies of a student. Chatbot can also find out the cause for a specific opinion. One will also be able to filter any kind of personal insults or obscene language that is sometimes observed in teacher’s ratings.

  • AR VR (Real-time Learning) :  

For educators from around the world, AR VR provides a visual mechanism that is beyond their imagination. Although it is still in the initial stages, its inevitability of use for education and e-learning is getting clear as days pass by. This will make history lessons far more interesting, real and informative that they seem in the book. Such apps can make one travel through different times and also be able to meet the famous personalities from years ago. It can also take students, to different parts of the world and learn about it which was not possible in a normal scenario.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Gradually we are observing that artificial intelligence is becoming a part of our lives, ranging from shopping, dating and viewing TV. But there is also a huge impact that it is making in the field of education as well with Mobile app development. It is surely going to help teachers. The admirable fact about artificial intelligence is that it is not going to detract the classroom instructions but will be enhancing it in numerous ways. Here we have for you some other important benefits of artificial intelligence in our educational industry.


In fact, AI does not detract from classroom instruction but enhances it in many ways. Here are some of the benefits of AI in our educational systems.

Benefits of AI in Education

  • It provides students with customized education:

One of the biggest benefits of Artificial Intelligence is the personalization it provides to the students. Most of the times, it does get difficult for the teacher to pay attention to each student and meeting expectations of all students is just not possible. But AI can easily help in getting accustomed to individual learning of students.

  • AI makes education so much fun:

There are a number of techniques attained through AI that can help in making education fun. This allows an enhanced engaging experience that is required for a better understanding and keeping them captivated to everything that is being taught. Already we saw extensive use in the gaming industry and a similar impact will be observed in education as well.

  • A global interaction can take place:

With the use of AI, the schools will be able to create a global classroom. It won’t really matter where the student is located physically. In case there is some other reason like illness or something serious due to which they are not able to attend school, all they have to do is click on the link provided and they will be instantly connected to the virtual classroom. It will also make it easier for student- peer interaction even when they are thousands of miles away from each other.

  • Algebra ITS (intelligent tutoring system)

There are some models and conceptual components in a distinctive ITS that works together. The model consists of a web mapping that has details on the content that has to be learned, reliability between the content components and defining the fundamentals. This student model is made to be unique for each student and works with the content model that records everything that student does and has not yet understood. Also, there is a method of conveying instruction to the learner that is called as a pedagogical model.

Most of the ITS systems start with the instructional process by determination of the information that the student is already aware of and carried out through an assessment usually. Then by updating the status model of the students as per the instructions, there is a comparison done depending on the content and student model. Afterwards, it delivers appropriate pedagogical instruction to the student.

Most of the times the instruction is included with the assessment and interactive problem-solving capacities so that there is a constant update of the student model and is going to update the present knowledge of the learner.

ITS also take the benefit of the fact that the ruggedness of the content is made to be so fine and extremely matched to the student model and it will be having just the right sum of rectification offered.

  • Artificial intelligence based Education Apps

The final aim of Artificial intelligence is customization and a lot of apps are helpful throughout the process. There are now tutoring apps based on AI that can customize the structure of lessons as per the performance of the learner and on their performance. This makes learning a lot more effective and interactive.

Some of the education apps based on AI uses the best techniques of artificial intelligence for ensuring enhanced interaction in the lesson plan with the student. This is certainly a way by which AI can help students from all over the world and produce toppers in particular subjects.

Another app that makes use of AI for analyzing huge data in the education industry. This data analysis is then able to provide the best results. Learners are able to rely on one specific platform for getting their questions answered.

  • The system focus on equation solving and symbol manipulation

One of the first approaches to AI is Symbolic artificial intelligence, nd it is based on the fact that human intellect can be achieved with symbol manipulation. This is also known as a formal system and is the basis of physical symbol systems. It is able to cater to the three concepts that are behind human learners thinking capacity:

  1. Thought to behave like structures for example when we want to add things we use a plus sign.
  2. Then there is a symbol like crossing two lines represents a multiplication sign.
  3. Symbol manipulation method is basically the act of thinking in the application of symbols with the structure. For example, we make use of multiplication sign in mathematics equation for 2 *2 equals
  • Automated Grading

For sure this is going to be the most beneficial use of AI in this specific filed.  When you ask for the opinion of a teacher this is certainly the most boring task that they are supposed to do. Also at the same time, this is also the task that takes away most of their time. Teachers are not able to focus better on other meaningful work like proper lesson planning and professional development because of tasks like grading.

But in the present times, e-learning is becoming advanced to the point that one has the capacity of performing so much more than it was. The data can be compiled regarding the student’s performance. As the name suggests , Automated grading can basically grade the assignments that are even subjective like essays.

  • Easy to identify weak points of students

For every teacher looking forward to providing the best education, it does sometimes get overwhelming for meeting the requirements and needs of each and every student in the classroom. Every student is it, advanced students, disabled, remedial or ESL students have to have the same learning accessibility.

With AI system and easier adaptability to each individual learning requirements and focus on the instructions influenced by the weaknesses and strengths of the child can be made. It certainly provides an enhanced and motivating learning experience to the student.

  • Gamification

Now, this is pretty simple to understand, all kids love games and Mobile game development is already at its peak. The use of education app is going to make learning interactive and so much fun and is certainly one of the most powerful ways that have already started to revolutionize the education industry. There are so many ios & Android apps that have been included in Gamification that will bring about an improvement in learning through a mobile app.

Some of the brilliant examples of AI apps are Khan Academy and TedEd and surely gamification is already becoming a billion dollar industry. These apps are surely here to stay and will surely change the world in terms of learning.

Final Words:

So this was a detailed guide on top Mobile app technology trends that revolutionize e-learning Industry in 2019. With the emergence of these trends, all aspects of education are transforming from teaching assessment to curriculum development.  While there is a lower chance of observing robots being the teachers this year, there are numerous projects that have been using the latest technology for helping teachers and students for receiving maximum out of the education experience.



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Top Mobile App Technology Trends that Revolutionize Education Industry in 2019

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