On-Demand Parking Apps- Learnings You Can Draw Out

3 Jul 2017

It’s a known fact now that mobile is ruling the world hands down especially after the inception of on-demand applications. You think of a service and you have an app satisfying the need of yours. Doorstep delivery of services has certainly revolutionized the way business activities are carried out.

On-demand app development has given birth to apps like Uber, Helpr and Big Basket that not only have simplified lives of an average human being but also have raised the level of competition. The innovation level continues to lift as untouched industries taste the flavour of mobile.

The center of attraction here is the trending on-demand parking start-up, Luxe that lets you request a valet for parking your car, available anytime and anywhere. The app works reasonably flawlessly with valet being requested on-demand who not only drives your vehicle to a secure parking lot or a garage but also takes care of filling the gas tank up, if low. Plus, you can ask him to bring your vehicle to another destination after you’re done with your work.

That’s incredible, isn’t it? The service is offered with reasonable pricing that makes it even more incredible. So, if you are tired of manoeuvring your vehicle through congested city roads finding a place to park your car, Luxe is the app you need to download on your Smartphone.

Inspired from currently trending on-demand service apps, it analyzed business models of Uber and apps alike to draft a new business model for itself. The steps taken in this regard proved beneficial for the start-up as it has managed to attract quite a few users towards its camp since its app launch. With an astounding 50% growth month on month, it is popular in nine cities including Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Leanings from the on-demand parking start-up that can’t be overlooked

  1. Identify and solve real life problems

The ballooning growth of mobile apps is due to the fact that they make lives easier. They solve a prevailing real-life problem with the minimal effort. The reason why not all start-ups or businesses grow is due to failed operations, management or unfocused approach. The same set of business models solving the same problem addressed by different start-ups won’t help the cause. Instead, a unique way, a focused plan, a better strategy than the competition would certainly help you to lead the pack. This is what Luxe did. It solved a real-life car parking problem in a unique yet effective way that users like.

Therefore, the mantra to lead is to solve a real-life problem with unequalled services that outclass your competition from the outset.

  1. Start early

Early starters capture the majority of the market while the late entrants only compete to cement their place. We take an example of Uber, it was the first app to launch such a service in the market and till date is one of the reliable and trustworthy names regardless of the fierce competition that’s on offer. Keeping the on-demand idea to you for long won’t help the cause instead it’ll only allow your competitor a freeway to success.

You need to transform your ideas into functional applications as soon as possible to gain the real benefits. This doesn’t mean that you rush into building your on-demand solution without making it meet the standards and various other industry norms. The point here is that you should not waste time in tweaking the prepared design, which can be done in the later stages once your product gets in the market.

  1. Human referrals help you lead

How often does it happen that we switch our service providers just because someone praised the other one? I can bet you on this that it would have happened at least a couple of times in your life. Same is the case with on-demand service providers where word-of-mouth plays a crucial role. If your services are good and satisfying, users don’t hesitate in referring it to others or mentioning the same in their circle.

Despite the marketing efforts, a company is putting in for wider customer reach, engagement and attraction, word-of-mouth holds the highest weight inculcating the desired interest among users of different age groups.

Loyal customers are hard to procure so make sure if you have any, you keep them in the most respected way possible. They not only advocate for your brand but create opportunities for new customers.


Learning is a never-ending process and with advances in the technology sphere, it becomes even more critical to study the market, analyze what others are doing and how the existing procedures can be formulated for business expansion. However, there are a lot of things that demand your attention apart from the ones mentioned in this article. You need to consider all of them to propel in this highly competitive market. In addition, if you want an expert consultation on how to get the things rolling then you can get in touch with us by emailing your requirements or filling up the form.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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On-Demand Parking Apps- Learnings You Can Draw Out

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On-Demand Parking Apps- Learnings You Can Draw Out

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