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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions
Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd allows the businesses to use the Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd platform for the employees. The employees open personal accounts on the Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd platform and utilize its exclusive platform for managing and keeping track on Users’ compliance. This Agreement manages Customer’s access as well as use of Services and Platform as well as use of Services by the Users.


You can enrol your clinic’s employees only, not any other clinic’s employees. The employees should be on your payroll only.
The package rate which you have selected makes you eligible to enrol that number of team members from your clinic.
Your login panel would be separate and from your admin desk you can have all the details at one place and you can get all the reports yourself and if you wish to export those reports in excel, you can easily do it.
If any of your team members resigns then his/her membership will be transferred to the new joining member. (So, you will get the same number of staff member registrations continuously)
How to Use

To get the best out of Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd experience, either you or your personal assistant needs to evaluate all the activities including question answers, daily messages, participation of your team members, daily reporting, etc.
Casually discussing about the topic being covered and discussed in Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd with your teammates will go a long way.
As employee engagement is a process, you need to take regular follow-ups of your all the employees regarding all the activities in the app, different posts in the app and their participation in all the activities. There you also need to be active in the same manner to get the value and importance of the posts.
At Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd we are constantly thriving to achieve our goal of making the world a better place to live through upliftment and better self-education where your ideas, comments and thoughts along with what changes you observe in your team, makes a lot of difference to achieve our vision. So as and when you feel, please be informed, your contribution in the above manner is very important to us.
Use of Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd Platform and Its Services

Subject to the terms and conditions, Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd shall permit the Customer to use and access the Platform and the Service on the non-exclusive basis, throughout the Term, and permit Users to utilize the Service features, which are dedicated to the Customer’s employees as well as independent contractors. The Customer can use the Services only for his/her own business and shall not utilize the Services to offer similar services to some third party.

Intellectual Property

Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd shall have all the rights, titles and interests in the Services, the Platform as well as all the software, which provides the Platform and the Service.
Although, we have taken utmost care in preparing the Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd, any feedbacks, suggestions and advice are always welcome which can help us improve the Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd!
If the Customer gives Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd any feedback about the Platform or Services, Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd can use such feedbacks without any restrictions or obligations in the respect of those feedbacks.
Warranty Disclaimer

Customer accepts the platform and services “as is”. Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd gives no warranties regarding the platform and services and disclaims all implicit and constitutional warranties, including, but not limited to, any implicit warranties of merchantability, suitability for any particular objective or non-infringement.
Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd gives no assurances about the accuracy of the provided data or information. Customer understands that Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd doesn’t provide data storage services. Customer needs to take backups of the data given to Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd, and Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd shall not be liable for any corrupted or lost data.
Limitations of Liability

In no circumstances, shall Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd (or its directors, officers, affiliates, consultants or employees) be liable for any indirect, direct, consequential, punitive or special damages that comes from or associated to the arrangements or services expected herein, including with regard to the lost profits, lost data or lost business opportunities.
In no circumstances, shall the complete cumulative liability of Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd (or its directors, officers, affiliates, consultants or employees) for the obligation of the services or under any obligation of this agreement surpass the total amount of the payment received by Quest Infosense Pvt Ltd from the customer in 3 months preceding the related claim.

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