Quest infosense have some reason why you need a mobile app even if you have a mobile website

5 Jan 2017

Let just get our hands down and believe the fact that we are cohesively living in the Mobile Era as mobile app development is on the rise. The number of mobile users has easily surpassed the number of website users, so it is imperative for any company or organization to have a mobile app even if they have a mobile website.

Mobile apps are highly accessible and user friendly thus the new age businesses have to realize the need of an effective mobile channel for attracting their customers. It would not be an over statement if we say that mobiles are as ubiquitous as God in this highly tech driven world. Moreover, researches also prefer the mobile apps over mobile website in order to boost business ventures. So as a business organization you must strongly consider of extending your mobile presence as far as possible so as to bring forward the best possible results.

So rather being beating around the bush, let us hit the nail straight on the coffin and understand why it is necessary to have a mobile app even if you have a mobile website.

Here are the top reasons folks!!

Remain Connected with the customers all the Time

Amidst tough and stern competition, it is important for the business organizations to remain in touch with the customers every time in order to make them their loyalist. And for doing this, the mobile apps provide the perfect platform as it has become the favorite tool for marketing communication just like Email did in the previous years.

A mobile app can help you with its agile and highly effective manners to remain in touch with your customers. The secret lays in the mobile app notifications. Yes you got me right folks!! With mobile apps the companies can send personalized messages to the customers according to their likes and dislikes. Thus the mobile apps offer opportunities to the organizations to communicate with their audience in a more subtle manner.

Personalized notifications such as push notifications, dedicated sms, etc. deliver a positive impact on the app visiting rates and can boost the app click-through rates amazingly. This is why businesses nowadays chose to develop a mobile app inspite of having a mobile website as its planning and execution can bring in unprecedented amount of ROI.

Exceptional Branding Experience

Mobile apps are very different, unique and distinct from the mobile websites, thus providing a new and engaging branding experience to the users. With the mobile apps the company can experiment with different branding styles in order to check the mood and the requirements of the targeted audience and also to see their reaction. This will help in making the best possible changes in your product and possibly reinvent the branding among the customers.

Going beyond, with mobile apps companies can specifically make a transition into a new brand style for themselves which would make them stand out and amazingly visible among their contemporary organizations. In addition to this and unlike the mobile websites, mobile apps can allow the users to customize the appearance of the app according to their liking and usage. This also helps in giving a sense of personalization to the users and makes them believe that the company cares about their choice, thus increasing customer retention.

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Mobile apps are much faster and engaging

It’s a no brainer that a well designed and equipped mobile app quickly performs actions that takes ages on a mobile website. Organizations should understand the fact that mobile apps store their data locally and websites on their web servers, thus the mobile apps are much faster and accurate when it comes to data retrieval. Moreover, the apps can also store the information according to the preferences, thus helping the organization to be more precise and productive with their work. Different from the mobile websites, the mobile apps are swift in functioning thus can do wonders to the overall user experience of the customer.

Irrespective of the platform they work (Android, iOS, etc.), the precision and accuracy of the mobile app remains to the core and helps the users to take instant action due to its intuitive methods.

Enhancing the level of Personalization

This is perhaps the most competent and useful feature of having a mobile app inspite of the mobile website. Personalization is method of offering tailor made solutions or offers to the customers according to their area, location, usage, user behavior and many more. With the mobile apps, the customer can set the preferences according to their terms in the beginning itself and further can customize them as and when needed. It can also be used as a medium tracking and observing the user product engagement. Furthermore, the apps can give real time engagement to the clients and the customers according to their geographic location. Also, the mobile apps can send location specific content to the customers which is not possible for with mobile website.

The fact is simple, personalization is the way to boost the traffic and the conversion rates and the mobile apps are more than capable in providing this.

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Mobile features – Always a step ahead

We have to believe the fact that the mobile apps have far more features than a mobile website as with the mobile apps users have the advantage of utilizing n number of features. These features when used, make the user experience of the user very interactive and fun. Also the efforts can be reduced drastically and significantly shorten the time spend on a particular task.


The era of mobile app development is on the rise and one must understand that mobile apps are the future irrespective of the field you are working in. Moreover, keeping a mobile app as well as a mobile website can be a costly affair for the company. A mobile app can drive your business better towards its goal also keeping the budget in check. As compared to the mobile websites, mobile apps are high in features, redundancy and personalization.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Quest infosense have some reason why you need a mobile app even if you have a mobile website

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Quest infosense have some reason why you need a mobile app even if you have a mobile website

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