Why Choose PHP Framework for your E-Commerce Website & Mobile App Development

2 Oct 2019

Presently, one out of three graduates has been going forward to becoming successful entrepreneurs. There can be a mad race seen amongst people for the various online business like E-commerce. These businesses have gained popularity for fulfilling the demands of various companies.

But many aspects need to be taken into consideration like security, adaptation to changes, being user-friendly and speed. All of this also depends on the framework, technology being used and APIs while developing the E-commerce website or application in the initial stages.

This is where PHP frameworks can be used immensely for E-commerce development. It is also compatible with almost all types of complex applications and takes less effort and time.

What is PHP framework?

PHP is the acronym for “Personal Homepage”. This had been designed for the first time in the year 1994 for monitoring the online resume for the creator Rasmus Lerdorf. Php frameworks are the pre-build platform that allows the user to build an application by using its function and library. It has a readymade structure that developer can use as per his requirements which reduces a writing code with fast development by using its platform.

This is an HTML embedded scripting language that improves the static page with the functionality. It is also able to generate an on-request response that makes it exceptional for E-commerce websites and applications.

Why choose PHP framework for an E-Commerce website:

Easy to integrate Web with the Mobile app:

One of the best parts of PHP is that it is an easy integration. It runs easily on platforms like Microsoft, Linux distributions and also UNIX. It provides support to all of the major servers, this includes Apache as well.

Customization in Payment gateway:

A payment gateway should allow you to accept payments quickly and easily. The key component of any payment gateway is to process transactions securely and keep your customer’s money and data secure. A secured payment gateway helps you gain the trust of your customers so they are willing to make transactions.

Shipping API:

PHP works as a powerful language that can be utilized for complex APIs. For all of the API based website architecture, one can make use of the PHP framework in order to have an agile delivery when it comes to the mobile application. It can also help with the calculation of teh shipping costs for varied services with Shipping API.

Customization backend panel :

PHP helps with E-commerce solutions where you can get a customized backend panel. The PHP framework helps in this manner so that the final result will make sure that there is a consistent and engaging experience for the client. There are pre-made plug-ins, templates and various other components that add functionality to the store. Some PHP admin templates help with building the project soon.

Robust security:

When we talk about E-Commerce websites, the transactions need to be handled by online retailers. There is vital information during transactions taking place that have to be kept confidential at all times. The PHP framework helps with some built-in features for security. This will help handle all of the transaction information that comes from thousands of devices.

Gain Analytics:

The PHP framework also has features like sales analytics. This will be working as a set up that will let you know the places where the profits have been coming from. It will get your E-commerce profits on the rise as the sales analytic tools like these are informative.

Best PHP Framework for E-commerce Platform:

So after going through some of the major benefits of PHP framework for e-commerce websites and mobile application here is the top PHP framework that you can try for your website.


Laravel is accessible but powerful for offering the powerful tools needed for some of the large and robust applications and websites. This provides inversion of the control container, has an amazing migration system. It also has the perfect unit for testing and support that offers you the tools that you require for building any application that was assigned.

Features and benefits of Laravel:

Template tool:

Larvel comes with a powerful pre-installed template engine. It also helps the developers with making amazing layouts and content seeding. The Larvel template also provides varied widgets and a robust JS and CSS coding.

Authentication with Authorization:

Any individual owning web application requires an assurance when it comes to access to secured resources and wants them to have proper authorization and authentication. Larvel uses a simple process that helps in sorting out control and logic access that is organized well and manageable.


CodeIgnitor offers easy usability with high performance and speed for web development. This MVC PHP framework is perfect for high-end web development and its easy to build applications. It offers the simplest solutions and also there is a plethora of video tutorials and an extensive library. This will be a good choice in case you are a beginner or want to build a mobile application.

Features and benefits of Code Ignitor:

Bug Handling:

Code Ignitor offers a user-friendly interface and will be immensely helpful with the detection of handling any errors. It will be offering instructions for bug handling with debugging messages. It also shows all of the PHP errors globally across the application without skipping out.

Configuration and customization:

The present files of Code Ignitor can be easily edited. This will allow the developers or creation as per the requirement of the application. This customization is available for the existing file and won’t be confusing for beginners either.


Symfony is focused on the advanced developers that mainly want to make application of enterprise levels. It is a PHP network that is open source and has numerous features. The only set back for this one is that it is a bit slow when compared to the above-mentioned frameworks.

Features and Benefits of Symfony:

Great documentation:

A lot of technologies do struggle with having documentation that is outdated or incomplete. The documentation provided by Symphony is amongst the best when compared to other PHP frameworks. This is written with complete clarity, is well structured and you can also take a look at the examples. There is also an update provided from time to time. You will be able to look into each component and overall development.

Easy to maintain:

The use of Symphony will be providing some common rules that one can follow and a structure. Therefore, in case a new developer joins the team they won’t be having any issues with the ongoing project.


Usually, all of the PHP frameworks also provide you with some excellent tools, modules, features, and good community support. Just make the right choice for the selection of the PHP framework that will be suitable for the need of your E-commerce website application development and you won’t be disappointed. if you have any ideas in your mind, let’s Discuss your project with Quest Infosense and get a free cost estimate.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Why Choose PHP Framework for your E-Commerce Website & Mobile App Development

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Why Choose PHP Framework for your E-Commerce Website & Mobile App Development

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