Perceptive and Wonderful Mobile Technology for the new generation Women

8 Mar 2017

Let us talk about the other half of this world today. The other partial that is usually forgotten, but still surprises everyone with their impeccable skills and talent. The other half that works tirelessly without even showing a tinge of fatigue on their faces. Yes folks! We are here speaking about all the “WONDERFUL WOMEN” around us.

With technology, especially mobile technology taking focus stage due to its booming evolution in the last few years, leveraging technology to women and girls has become mighty important. Mobile apps can help them in several ways right from being their constant companion in an unknown place to providing them education and employment for independence. Inspite of this, women in developing countries are 25% less possible use the mobile apps as compared to their male counterparts. Women also lay a step behindhand in representing in the fields like technology, research, mathematics, etc.

But, with the mobile technology, especially apps, near-term to the fore this scenario is likely to change big time. Through their amazing and astute helpfulness, mobile apps have been instrumental in the new age women empowerment and are showing them the way ahead. And as the new age women play a more holistic and full of life role in the day to day activity around the world, the need to be more tech-savvy becomes even more important.

Therefore, let us dug in deep and take a closer appearance at mobile apps playing a major role in Women Empowerment.

Harnessing their Health

Mobile apps have given the women everywhere the world some impeccable methods to growth the level of their mental as well as the physical health. Its optimum algorithms sync in perfectly with the body of the user and give those perfect stats and information in adding to providing a solution for the problems to a considerable extent. Moreover, there are apps which read the warning signs much earlier regarding abusing relationships and promote healthy self-esteem.

Mobile apps can be a handy missile in tackling domestic violence to the core while educating the women about recognizing the warning signs and the method to raise their voice against what is wrong at the right time.

Tackling the Safety issues

You don’t need rocket science to understand that unless a person is safe in his/her surroundings, he/she cannot raise there and will be down under the clouds of depression. Thus, the mobile apps can be the new friend or a knight in a shining armor in a new mysterious place. A map-based mobile app will show the safety levels according to the locality, area and city. As many women stay out till night-time for work, with the mobile apps they’ll know which area of the city is safe, moderately safe or completely unsafe.

With the contrarily rated safety meters, the user will know the nits and grits of the gender balance, transport, people, traffic, etc. Moreover, there are apps available currently that raise some alarm as and when they sense danger around and also allow your close contacts to track you.

The mobile apps also provide the faultless platform to fodder women empowerment to the next near by bringing in these radical techniques without much complexity to them.

The Strength to Standalone

This is maybe the most important contribution of the mobile apps in women authorization that it provides them the strength to attitude and face the world head on. Right from the elementary education to guiding them to entrepreneurship, mobile apps do all the needing in educating the new age women and also providing them tools to run their businesses efficiently.

The inclusion of technology will give divisions to their ideas as technology is not bound to any physical boundaries. With mobile tech at the tiller, the women entrepreneurs can understand the advancements of their products and what changes are desirable in their marketing strategy to develop an even stronger correlation with their customers.

Mobile apps can also be vital in educating the women. In now a day’s high-tech world, there are still cases of some strict and regressive rules prevalent till date for not educating the women in order to repress them in some developing countries. In this condition, mobile apps can be the rescuers as they can carry in the school to home and agree the ladies and girls to get educated at home without any limit. It is said that, educating a man is educating the everyday, but educating a woman is educating the society. Mobile apps will give the women a perfect platform to be open to all kind of new and innovative things going around the world and will keep them updated about their rights and duties as well.

Other things to look at

With the number of women alone travelers on the rise, a competent mobile app can be their trusted ally throughout the trip. It can help them remain harmless and not cheated at an unknown place. There are apps for physical drill and stress busting that will keep the high-flying modern women on their toes and provide them the energy and strength to face the world. Apart from empowering them, the mobile technology can be contributory in utilizing their leisure time and also give them some major takeout from this also.


Mobile apps are really very crucial in empowering the new generation women, as it possesses all the needed ingredients according to the ever-changing technology world. Right from the day to day activities to teaching them to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams, mobile apps and mobile technology are there available every time for all.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Perceptive and Wonderful Mobile Technology for the new generation Women

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Perceptive and Wonderful Mobile Technology for the new generation Women

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