Top 15 On-Demand Mobile App Ideas for Startup that will Bring the World

6 May 2022

We are all born with the ability to think, innovate, and grow. Developing a new business mobile app entails taking your ideas and putting them into action. It is not easy to come up with an original app development concept.

To put it another way, technology is the result of someone’s imagination.

The inspiration for the ideas comes from a necessity. When the world is flooded with issues and demands, and mobility reigns supreme, An appropriate answer is a mobile app idea that can meet the demand. We’ve compiled a list of the top trending mobile app ideas that will outperform the competition in 2022 and beyond.

“In 2022, mobile app development will be considerably bigger and faster.”

Despite the numerous criticisms. In the previous two years, the epidemic period has contributed to the growing trust in cell phones by providing the necessary fuel. During the Corona era, the Edtech and on-demand industries were among the major gainers.

They did so by bringing fresh concepts to life. They have a lot of success in influencing people’s minds about mobile apps in general.

Let’s get this straight: what are the top business mobile app concepts that have motivated millions of people to create their own? There were a few takeaways from the story, as well as a lot of inspiration from the concept.

Top 15 Trending Mobile App Development Ideas to Skyrocket your Startup

1. On-demand E-learning App

Students are once again locked inside the doors due to COVID-19. The question now is how pupils will continue to learn.

Developing programs like on-demand E-learning, for example, can assist those students in continuing their studies. One of the best opportunities right now is to apply digitalization to the education industry. E-learning apps have not only changed the way education is delivered, but they have also created market demand. Developing E-learning mobile apps for education is one of the top app ideas for making money, even for Ed-tech organizations.

If you want to make an E-learning app, you can include advanced features like hiring tutors with comprehensive profiles, video calls, and tutorial video uploading.

2. EV Charging Station Finder App

EV charging stations are in high demand in line with the increased demand for electric automobiles. Despite the fact that there are more diverse automobiles on the road, there are still insufficient charging points for consumers to charge their electric vehicles. As a result, creating a smartphone app to locate EV charging stations will make it simple for consumers to locate the nearest charging station.

People will be able to browse a range of information on electric charging stations near them, including compatible electric automobiles, photographs, charging fees, and charging slot availability, thanks to the development of such apps.

Furthermore, you may combine the payment gateway system with the EV charging station locator app to allow users to make an upfront payment via the app to reserve a charging station.

3. E-Scooter Rental Booking App

What is the first thing that disturbs you when you visit new places? Commuting access to a vehicle. You can create an e-scooter rental booking app to provide convenient and environmentally responsible transportation. Statista estimates that by 2022, the worldwide e-scooter sharing market will be valued at $1,752 million. By 2026, this market is expected to reach $2,888 million, thanks to a 13.30 percent annual growth rate.

4. Astrology App with AI and Machine Learning

Humans have long been fascinated by future predictions. The allure of astrology has spanned many cultures and civilizations, from ancient times to the digital age.

Many tech-savvy people nowadays choose to rely on mobile applications for future advice rather than humans. As a result, astrology mobile app development makes use of technology like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to improve future predictions.

One of the best instances of AI-based astrological apps is Co-Star. According to market data, is ranked 82,496 internationally, with 800,62k unique visitors as of December 2021. As a result, there is a rising demand for AI and machine learning-based astrological apps, and developing one will bring you a profit.

5. App for Virtual Travel in Virtual Reality

What would you miss the most if there was a pandemic? Isn’t it true that you have the freedom to go wherever you want? In a time of pandemics, the introduction of virtual reality travel apps has proven to be an answer to all of the demands of travelers.

This mobile software allows you to explore an area or a real-world site as if you were actually there without ever leaving your home. With an annual growth rate of 32.5 percent, the VR travel and tourism market was valued at $74.6 million in 2018 and is expected to reach $304.4 million by 2023. (Source)

6. App for Cloud Meetings

During the Covid-19 period, cloud meeting tools like Zoom have seen a significant increase in use. In 2021, the Zoom cloud meeting app produced more than 2.6 billion dollars in revenue, with more than half of that coming from the United States alone. Because the need for online meeting apps is continuously changing, investing in the development of a Zoom-like cloud meeting software is a successful niche.

7. IoT-based Logistics and Transportation App

According to, by 2027, the worldwide logistics market is anticipated to be worth $12,975.64 billion. This demonstrates the size of the logistics and transportation industry. The Internet of Things (IoT) could be used in the logistics business to improve speed, agility, and dependability.

8. Locate a Co-Founder App

Building a business from the ground up and working in a competitive atmosphere might be difficult without a business partner. The problem is that finding a business partner who shares your values is challenging. This is where the search for a cofounder for mobile apps begins. Thousands of other people wishing to start their own businesses can be found through these smartphone applications.

9.  On-demand Doctor Booking App

You wake up unwell with a severe headache in the middle of the night. You’re not in a fit state to drive or even go to your local clinic for a checkup. If you have an on-demand doctor booking app on your phone, you can call, video, or voice call doctors in your area and explain your problems to them.

Additionally, the doctors will assist you with obtaining a prescription so that you can purchase medication without having to travel. You can speak immediately with the doctor, and if an emergency arises, you can also phone them at home.

10. On-Demand House Cleaning App

Working professionals, single-parent homes, elderly persons, and those who can afford it have assigned cleaning services to professionals to save their valuable time in today’s fast-paced world.

The popularity of on-demand house cleaning services is undeniable. Furthermore, as professional work expands, the demand for house cleaning services will continue to rise in the coming years.

11. On-Demand Parking Finding App

Isn’t it true that cities are becoming more compact? As the number of vehicles on the road grows, finding a parking spot becomes increasingly challenging. To solve the parking problem, create a parking finder app that directs drivers to available parking spaces.

12. App for Air Pollution Monitoring

Air pollution is becoming a global issue, and several organizations are striving to reduce the air population. In this situation, you’d have the chance to create an app that would let users check air quality. The global air pollution monitoring mobile app market was valued at 367.0 million in 2016, according to Markets And Markets. This market is expected to reach USD 544.6 million by 2022, increasing at a 7.05 percent CAGR.

13. Leftover Food Donation App

Nearly a billion people are starving around the world, yet a third of the food produced ends up in landfills. Isn’t this astonishing? To remedy this, a mobile app might be developed where people can register and request that leftover food be picked up later and delivered to others who are in need.

Developing mobile applications can make you money in addition to serving a good goal. Similar to what food donation mobile applications like Food Cowboy do, you can invite people to make donations on your app to support your donation operations.

14. On-Demand Plumber Finder App

The days of paper invoicing and phoning the plumber a thousand times to fix a pipe or a running tap are long gone. With a plumbing app, try something different. You’ll have a better chance of succeeding if you’re fresh to the on-demand sector.

You can make your own on-demand plumbing program that calculates data about pipes and water flow, or you can evaluate the various systems for more efficient and accurate outcomes. Finding a plumber used to be a difficult chore, but now people can easily locate one via online smartphone apps.

15. On-Demand Car Mechanic App

Close the gap between the mechanic and the car owner. Apps for car maintenance have recently become highly popular. People use several types of transportation to go throughout the world. There are some locations where there are no garages or mechanics, and your app is a lifesaver for travelers.

Make sure you’re targeting the proper niche with some unique features that will entice your audience before exploring any of the on-demand app ideas. Make your mechanic app available in such remote places, and hire efficient mechanics who may serve as the backbone of your company.

Looking for On-Demand App Creation

What Does It Cost to Create an On-Demand Service App?

The cost of developing an on-demand service app varies depending on the platform and features available. You must decide if you want to design the app for Android, iOS, or both platforms, as well as the features you want to include.

The design, premium APIs, and technologies are all key elements that determine the pricing of on-demand software. A simple on-demand service app takes about 750 to 1000 hours to develop. If we assume a $20 per hour rate for on-demand app development, a basic app will cost between $15000 and $20000.

Are You Ready to Pick a Winning On-Demand App Idea?

Instant gratification is the norm in today’s culture. Do you have a pressing need to get somewhere quickly? Don’t Wait then. The diamond of the mobile app development field is on-demand apps.

To keep up with the fast-paced world, app development will assist you in reaching the masses while also providing enough branding exposure for your company. So, if you have any basic mobile app ideas or fresh app ideas in mind, feel free to connect with us to double-check and get started immediately. We’ll assist you in deciding on excellent app concepts that have yet to be realized.

We’re a renowned iPhone and Android app development firm with a dedicated team of developers available for hire, with experience in creating more than 30+ on-demand solutions. Try us today to win the world..!!!

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