Know About The Need of An NDA For Mobile App Development

12 Apr 2017

When hiring any mobile app development company for your outsourcing wants, it becomes fairly complicated for you to concern about the protection of your app idea and other central information. The security of costly information of the organization related to the app development becomes always a prime concern for any business. Moreover, when introducing a new concept for an app development, it becomes a subject of concern for the company to keep the complete information top secret from their major rivals. In such case, they prefer to make Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for mobile app development.

The Non-Disclosure Agreement is a trendy term used in businesses for preventing valuable business concept or information from being stolen. When it comes to making an NDA for a mobile app development, there are positive queries arise for a customer as well as a development company in order to handle certain circumstances.

There are several reasons that make uncertain about the need of an NDA. In this blog, we have discussed some important points that assist you to comprehend about the need of an NDA when outsourcing mobile app development.

Why Do You Need to Keep Your Mobile App Idea Sheltered?
Normally, any organization demands for making the NDA with their hiring mobile app development company when they need to share most important in sequence about their company or key processes that might involve their business, in case, it’s become misuse or disclose intentionally or unintentionally by anybody. Moreover, if the app is related to key process of business such as research-based or finance or manufacturing related, they need more precaution about the careful handling of their valuable data. In addition, if any organization wants to introduce a new concept for making a popular app using unmatched features, they need assurance about the complete solitude of their app idea before its promotion. Hence, in such cases, they demands with a hire developer or an app development company to sign an NDA.

The main concern is to sign the agreement before comprehending the perception or not is also important to discuss here. If you want to assign your job, if you do not discuss your project details with the development company, they cannot able to make an agreement without knowing your brief. Moreover, if your project is sponsored by other people, you also want to provide them information about the app concept in order to attract sponsors. Therefore, there are several people associated with the work when developing a new mobile app. Hence, you can set up the NDA only after initial discussion of the project with a development company and other concern people. You should acquire the advice of your trial lawyer in order to include significant clauses in the agreement. It is also important to take in all the employees of your company associated with the project, sponsored members, and development team in order to ensure the privacy of the agreement.

Important Things to Know About the NDA:

Signing an NDA not solve your purpose
If you think that, you have signed the agreement and your purpose for security of app idea getting solved. But, in general, the things are different. You should understand the clause, the development team can keep your information secure, but if some other company approaches them for developing an app with similar thought, they can accept the project. Normally, there are no systems for any developers or a development company, that they cannot take projects of the same concepts from different companies. Hence, it’s up to you as a customer, how much trust you can put on your developer or a development company. Normally, mobile app development always assures their customers to provide reliable services in order to build their good reputation and maintain long-lasting commerce relationship.

Make both sided NDA
When making an NDA for one-sided, there is no assurance of privacy of your in order. Therefore, when you prepare an NDA, you should ensure to organize it for both sided, a customer side (the owner who want to develop an app) and a developer side (a development company or a developer). It is also necessary to take signature of all members associated with the project on both sides; otherwise there are higher chances of information seepage.

When to sign an NDA
When there is mutual understanding on together sides regarding the app development, or you are working with an established company or reputed brand, it becomes a focus of less concern to sign an NDA. The only thing to ensure about, all terms is reasonable having no unfair provisions.

There are several benefits of Non-Disclosure Agreement. It proffers guarantees about the protecting your project facts and rights for the app under development as well as all the security of all intellectual property associated with an app and its complete development process. An NDA for a mobile app development is a legal document that avoid you to disclose your valuable secrets and you can take legal actions, if find any information leakage. It helps you to get shelter from your competitors to misuse your app idea before its launch.

you should know about the need of an NDA for mobile app development, especially when you acquire outsourcing services for hire an app developer or a mobile app development company. Comprehending the basic information about the Non-Disclosure Agreement helps you to prevent valuable information of your company. With mutual accepting at both sides, you can make the mobile app development process uncomplicated without any discrepancy at a later stage. Ensuring all terms in the first stage enhance the work transparency helps in seamless app development procedure.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Know About The Need of An NDA For Mobile App Development

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