How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update

23 May 2017

Mobile apps are almost everything to your business in today’s digitalized era. Just like you have to upgrade and brush-up your knowledge and keep yourself stuffed with the newest insights and ideas in and around your domain, your mobile app also needs those functional touch-ups and perceptive hikes to match the latest user needs and market demands. But, with a lapse of time and in a few crucial occasions your app needs more than just the regular piece of upgrade and what are these events and instances; let’s find out:

New app feature

If there’s a new feature buzzing in and around your idea of responding to user needs and offering them a solution or may be a new trend that catches up people’s fantasies and pops-up as a galore of excitement, it’s time for a major update. nowadays, with this, you need to do a lot of research and shape up all your ideas into significant offerings that offer value to users in the form of that new feature – which needs to be well addressed for its identity and trait. This may require you to functionally add and enhance a few collaborative elements or social components, integrating it with some third-party service (like payment gateway). Or, alternatively, you may need to sync it with multiple devices or add a new revenue model to it. This would make it a major update for you!

New Design

Designing is the most crucial aspect of any product development. You have to think it from all perspectives and most of the times visualize and anticipate schemes and elements of art and structure and align it with user experience while syncing it with the core traits of the product. Redesigning an by now existing app gets even tougher as you have to wipe-off and eliminate what all you already have and think of something new sans your existing design (which was once your element of thought and inspiration). Therefore, getting a new design done for your app calls for another major update.


When your app is already out in the market and you are expecting to do well with the target audience you ought to measure its performance. App’s performance can be attributed to the level or quantity of engagement and the quality or value it is creating for users. It is directly proportional to the success your app achieves and the profits it makes. Further, you need to know is it doing enough to add new users and is it receiving repeat visitors and how much time they spend on your app and most importantly what’s the bounce rate (the rate of people returning after landing on your app). If your app fails to comply with any of these performance parameters, it’s time you should think of a major update.

User Feedback

All efforts you are putting in is meant to serve users. So, it a wise idea to maintain communication with them on various forums and through different communication channels to have feedback on your app. If you get a few suggestions and ideas you can sell them up and combine with other ideas to be updated when you plan your next phase of up gradation. However, if you are receiving too much of complaints and your users have certain expectations that your app is not able to deliver, it’s time you need to rethink your underlying purpose and rework on the solution and update it with all things that matter.

Outdated Codebase

Look at your mobile phone configuration and the apps you use on it. Are they the same as they were about a year ago? This shows how technology keeps growing and this is why you need to check into the fact that how well you are keeping up with the codebase of your app. A codebase created about a couple of years back stands obsolete and demands update. And if you are looking to change and upgrade the codebase of your app it requires a lot of precision and commitment. More so, if your code is lengthy and does not follow standards and conventions of the latest approach in programming.

Extending to different platforms and devices

The way mobile technology is changing you need to keep up with the shifting trends and pace up to keep doing well in the contest. And this chase never ends as the mobile platforms and devices keep growing and expanding incessantly. With every new device introduced come new display orientations and resolution aspects. Every new platform that joins in or the ones that upgrade, demand newer approaches and sharper ideas – to allow you to extend to the latest practices and format that keep you alive and going in the domain of mobile apps. And this requires a lot of effort to be made to reach those marks of success and prominence.


In a nutshell, no matter which business vertical you belong to, there is a need for a constant update that your app requires to be addressed with, in order to survive and succeed in the volatile and fast-moving technology era of today. So, hire an app developer and keep doing that as you feel the need and address all these issues and you will be on the leading edge of the league. Which also reminds us of the fact that there’s no one-time all-proof solution for anything in the technology world. So, continue moving and keep winning!

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Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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