Internet of Things: The Emerging Trend in 2019

18 May 2018

If you’re a sci-fi person, you must have seen how Tony Stark “The Iron Man” has his house wake him up tells him the news, the weather, prepares coffee for him and even dresses him up. You must have thought that it’s just the reel life and not possible in the real life, but you’re wrong, it’s possible and such homes do exist around the world.

The Internet of Things (IoT), is a collection of web-enabled devices that includes computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction.

Still confused? don’t worry.

IoT in simpler words is a collection of distinct components that make it perform things up for you and automate the whole process. These components consist of various sensors, a working internet connection, data processing model and a user interface to control it all.

Scott Weiss said “With the IoT, we’re headed to a world where things aren’t liable to break catastrophically – or at least we’ll have a hell of a heads’ up. We’re headed to a world where our doors unlock when they sense us nearby.”

Sound pretty cool right.

The Internet of Things Entreaty & World

  • Smart Homes

As discussed above, the Tony Stark’s smart home is powered by the IoT, and this is not a surprise why smart homes are becoming the trend nowadays in 2018. More than 50,000 people search for the term “smart homes” every month worldwide in a search engine and social media sites. Some of the eminent startups that are dedicated to providing smart homes to the public are Nest, Philips, Belkin etc.

  • Wearables

After the rise in the smartphone market, the wearables are the next hot topic that can be in the form of bracelets, rings, chains, pendants and anything that can be worn has the potential of turning into a smart wearable. Some pretty popular wearables include the Android Wear Watches, Apple’s smartwatch, Sony Smart B Trainer, LookBee Bracelet. The smart wearable market is continuously growing and has more light to see in near future.

  • Smart Cities

You might be the one who’s living in a smart city, but how can one know if their city is smarter than the rest? Here’s the answer. A smart city spans a wide variety of cases, from smart traffic management, water saving, waste management, better public security through surveillance and environmental monitoring.

The integration of IoT with the core of the city can turn that city into a smart city with better facilities and management system that is to a great extent, autonomous.

  • Digital Health

Often called smart health, telehealth, telemedicine remains the sleeping giant of the Internet of Things that is yet to see light. The concept of smart healthcare facilities can save many lives and provide a better and healthy lifestyle to individuals. Yet, these facilities are limited to certain places and have not reached the masses yet.

  • Smart Vehicles

These smart vehicles are a thing of future that is coming slowly to the masses. These vehicles such as the cars, buses, trucks etc. have been made by automotive giants such as Audi, BMW, Volvo and other manufacturers. With the IoT, these vehicles can greatly be enhanced in the fields of safety, speed control, autonomous driving, better navigation, and fuel efficiency are some features of IoT integrated vehicles.

  • Smart Cultivation

Underestimated by the farmers, the IoT has not seen much light in the agriculture field. Poor knowledge and low awareness are to be blamed for the same. Many farmers are not aware of the benefits of IoT and how it can be beneficial to them for a long term. The idea of IoT and farming has not yet reached a large scale. The benefits of the IoT into agriculture includes features like remote monitoring of crops, better and autonomous irrigation, effective pest control and other such benefits that are important in the predominant agriculture field.

What’s Next-Tech?

Hence, in the end, we can say that development leads to a better lifestyle and as the world is developing, we must develop with it. New and advanced technology must be adopted for a much smarter and autonomous lifestyle, but with utmost care.

The Internet of Things development is an immense new step towards a futuristic lifestyle that we used to imagine and watch those sci-fi movies. Change or another pattern dependably brings fear and desire or both, seeking after the achievement or dangers included. While a couple of undertakings are up ’til now sitting tight and sitting tight for others to put it all on the line to begin, others have quite recently stepped up, and this selection of IoT and versatile applications is helping them too.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Internet of Things: The Emerging Trend in 2019

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