Flutter Portable UI Framework supports Web, Desktop & Embedded Devices

18 Dec 2019

In the modern era of technologies, Flutter Portable UI was developed for web development was released by Google earlier this year. Flutter has expanded its center from mobile to merge with a broader set of devices. Version 1.5 of Flutter was launched at the I/O 2019 developer conference.

Flutter is a framework that supports developers to develop native interfaces for Android and iOS. It got updated to a multi-platform UI framework; now it supports the web, desktop, mobile and embedded devices.

What is Flutter?

Flutter is the software itself that allows you to formulate fast, elegant and custom mobile apps using a solitary codebase. It uses Dart as its programming language, which will enable it to provide a portable understanding to its clients.

Dart consists of a simple understanding angle and gives a lot of versatility to the Flutter outlet. As soon as Flutter was introduced by Google, its team was looking to make it available for all the platforms. Flutter has been positioned in the Beta phase since February 2018, and from then on the Google is bringing in new details and improvements in the cross-platform app development words.

Best features of flutter for App Development

Modern Portable UI for Every Platform

The latest portable UI stand is admirable because of its qualities to work for the user to convey a better understanding, wonderful app layout and faster development that too from a solo database. It helps startups to reach maximum audiences using the web, desktops, even mobile phones without making any technical changes to the same app. Also, huge companies can enjoy the benefits of cost reduction because of the single codebase used in the process, without changing the current experiences of the user.

Use of Flutter in Web

Only the initial technical preview of Flutter for the web was released by Google claiming to provide highly interactive, graphically affluent content. Google unlocked entrances for adopters who can use and provide serious responses to create appropriate modifications. The intent is to develop a fully interactive, technically prosperous content.

Google tried to assess its flutter used for the web in the section of puzzle gaming by working with the New York Times, as people wanted to play the game in whichever platform they want. New York Times praised Google and found Flutter very helpful with great capacity in it.

Update in use of Flutter in Mobiles

Flutter was already great for mobile devices and now with a new upgrade that is the 1.5 version, which was disclosed this year. An upswing is always helpful, the modern Flutter 1.5 carries lots of transitions to the developer’s response. This encompasses SDK regulations, updates for new app store iOS and fabric widgets, engine assistance for a modern machine and Dart 2.3 starring new language features.

Use of Flutter in Desktops

Flutter’s developing team has been operating on desktops as an experimental project. Google is trying to marking off this into the Flutter project by combining it into the mainline repo. Chrome OS is another platform that is rapidly growing as lots of Chromebooks are sold every year, mostly in education. It is useful for both the developers and the users, as it supports the performance of both Linux and Android apps. You can develop a Flutter app in Chrome OS using visual studio code or Android studio which can be tested and run on the same device without using an emulator.

Use of Flutter in Embedded Devices

The technology of Flutter app development has been an evolution in the world of mobile app development. The quality is noticeable as it can be used over any embedded appliances that encompass devices that are small scale like Raspberry Pi. Adding embed AP for flutter has empowered it and be usable in scenarios comprising home, automotive and beyond.

Keeping things aside, one of the abundant effective outlets where flutter is working is a smart display operative system in the fancy of Google Home Hub. Among the league of Google world, a few of the Google creative displays are operating on Flutter, and their squad is working on adding additional characteristics to it as soon as possible.


Realistically, Google is trying to update Flutter to the best possible technique for developing apps of every type, no matter whether the app is for Android, iOS, Chrome OS, Windows, IoT, web or even all of them. That’s one perfect emblem for technological development. If you are thinking to choose a flutter app development platform, it is essential to stay updated with the new tendencies and furloughs about this platform.

The tech-friendly app is trying to broaden the conception of delivering better services to their customers as well as developers by saving their time, efforts and money at the same time.

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Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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Flutter Portable UI Framework supports Web, Desktop & Embedded Devices

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Flutter Portable UI Framework supports Web, Desktop & Embedded Devices

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