A Quick Guide for EV Charging Station Finder App Development

20 Jul 2022

What’s the most expected preparation when anyone plans their journey? The obvious thing is anything that doesn’t put a pause or full stop on their journey. Nowadays, Electrical Vehicles are in demand and expected to be used but still the major ignorance of it comes when anyone plans a long-run journey. What could be the reason? – The reason is the difficulty of getting it charged after a specific number of kilometers or time. If you have a car, scooter or bike that runs with fuel, you can easily find the petrol pump within a few distance on every highway, but still the infrastructure of charging EV cars and bikes is not that developed in some regions.

If you are planning to travel in such regions, you must have an EV charging station locator app installed in your phone so that you can pre-plan your charging breaks and in between stays near to such stations. Here in such conditions, EC charging stations location finder apps become savior. Here in this article we are going to take a detailed look at how any one can develop such an EV Charging station finder app, what it needs and how much does it cost.

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Why Should You Develop an EV Charging Station Finder app?

Since the last decade everywhere in the world, Electric Vehicles have been on the rise, and sooner or later it will be an unavoidable option for transportation. What will be the most needed thing then? Charging solutions like Batteries, Charging units, and Public Charging stations that people can use when they are traveling far from their homes. If we look at the availability of such apps, it’s very less as the concept is still developing. You can create an app that helps people locate the EV charging stations and help to simplify their life and transportation needs.

Building an EV charging mobile app has many advantages, mainly since the market is still protected and there is little competition. Between 2021 and 2030, it is predicted that the global market for electric vehicles will expand by 26.8% annually, with over 4,093k EVs estimated to be sold in 2021 and 34,756k in 2030.

Although there are numerous potential business models for mobile apps, purchasing an EV charging station locator app is the best option. Hire an agile and advanced go-to mobile app development company for dependable, flexible electric vehicle charging app development services for public and private sector organizations.

Before you start developing an EV Charging Station Finder app, you must know what kind of features it must have that will actually make the life of users easy and your app can really contribute to their real problem of finding the charging station nearby.

Let’s take a quick look at a few features that an EV charging station location app must have to get adopted by the users.

Key Features of an EV Charging Station Finder App

Sign Up:

To get started easily, there must be an easy and user-friendly signup process that should not be cumbersome, leading to more users getting started with your app easily. Sign-up with Google accounts or Social Accounts like Facebook, Twitter etc., will help the users with a hassle-free sign-up process to get started.

User Profile Management:

Users of your EV charging station finder app must be able to create and edit their profiles where they can add their personal details, car details, battery details, battery capacity and all other details which helps them to find the most relevant charging station nearby.

User-friendly Search Filters:

Your EV charging station finder app must offer users advanced search filters that can help them find and filter their most preferred nearby charging station based on their car’s charging requirements and their charging convenience. Filters like Most Crowded or Lower Crowded stations to avoid the time-wasting on waiting hours, High or low power capacity of charging, filter based on some distances like within 1KM, 5KM or filter to find the charging stations near to some specific location or area.

Nearby Charging Station Alerts:

Your app should be able to send the notification to the user when there is a charging station at a pre-set distance. For e.g., Users must have an option to select the distance like 500 meters, 1KM etc., based on which app will detect the nearby charging stations using their smartphones geolocation and send the notification for charging alerts.

Integration with Google Maps:

Your app must have integrated into google maps so that the app can navigate the users to the selected charging station without roaming here and there based on guesswork, as the time is very important when you have very less time to get your vehicle charged. You can afford unnecessary roaming to eat your remaining charging.

A Helpful Chatbot:

In case of any issues with the app, users should be able to chat with a bot to get their answers or get transferred to a live support team who can help them in an emergency.

Advanced Booking System:

Your app should have an advanced booking system where you can pre-book your charging slot when you are already on the way to the station and expect to reach there within the specified time period.

Integrated Online Payment Method:

Your app should have a wallet to pay the money in advance or support payment through any UPI wallet to avoid cashout or pre-book the charging slot.

Pre-planned Charging Halts:

When the users are traveling to a specific location, your app should be able to allow them to pre-plan the charging halts at pre-decided charging stations to avoid chaos or unwanted tensions.

Integration with other Car Service providers:

Most of the apps are still lacking such integration but to make your app unique, you must integrate the other car service providers like Crane Service, Tyre service provider, Digi locker to save all the car and driver license-related documents, car insurance providers etc. Though this requirement is quite advanced, if you can manage to add this feature, you can win the market among the competitors.

Technology Stacks You Need to Develop EV Charging Station Finder App

Technology stack to develop ev charing finder app

How much does it cost to develop an EV Charging Station Finder app?

As we discussed earlier, Demand of EV cars and bikes is gaining unanimously in every part of the world. The demand for EV Charging station locator apps is also on a hike and still going to touch the peak that is for sure. So, the obvious thing is the rise in cost as there is high demand. In such dynamic market conditions, it is very difficult to estimate the accurate cost of developing such an app and the cost will vary from developers to developers, but we can definitely keep the factors that affect the EV charging station finder app development.

Such factors can be:

  • The location from where you hire the app developers or app development company
  • Skill set and experience required
  • Resources they need to deploy from their end
  • The urgency of App delivery
  • Features you need in the app
  • Platform or Process you use to hire the remote app developer or app development company.

To know more about how we charge for the EV Charging station finder app development, contact us at [email protected] and discuss your project requirements to get the customized quote.

Summing it up:

The demand for charging stations will increase along with the popularity of electric vehicles, as will the need for station locating apps. Contact us if you’re interested in developing an EV charging station finding app.

Quest Infosense is one of India’s most dependable and dynamic mobile app development companies working on global app development projects worldwide. We can create an EV charging station finder app depending on your business needs and target audience efficiently.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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A Quick Guide for EV Charging Station Finder App Development

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