How Customized Asset Tracking & Management Mobile App can simplify operations?

21 Sep 2021

Business mobility is a well-established industry trend

According to Forrester Research, around 29% of the global workforce is now classified as “anywhere, anytime, information workers,” who are likely to utilize more than three mobile devices. Businesses can now provide a wider range of services because of this shift in the workforce.

As your employees’ mobility grows, they will be required to move outside of the workplace to complete their tasks. This implies they’ll be taking their business assets and equipment with them on the road. Your staff must be kept up to date on asset information while on the road. This makes staff management a little more difficult. This process can be easier for your company if you have a good asset monitoring system. It’s even easier if the solution is cloud-based and includes a mobile app, which allows you to work on the move without having to lug around heavy files or laptops. With a simple click, you can take control of all company workflows from anywhere, at any time.

But, before discussing ahead let’s check out what is Asset tracking and management are.

What is Asset Tracking & Management?

Asset tracking and management is a way of tracking physical assets and keeping records by scanning barcode labels attached to the goods or utilizing tags that broadcast their location through GPS, or RFID, or other similar techniques.

Why do you need a Mobile app for Asset Tracking and management?

The usage of on-premise software to keep track of inventories slows down the business assembly line’s efficiency. If you want to work outside the office, you find it tough to take the system with you or make real-time data updates. You can use a mobile asset tracking app to accomplish all of your business functions cost-effectively.

How can Asset Management Mobile Apps streamline your work?

Allows you to manage assets while on the move

You know how crucial asset management is outside the workplace, whether you’re a construction firm or an event management company. Asset tracking software installed on-premises limits your ability to control inventory within the constraints of the office. The mobile app for tracking your assets is simple to install on any smartphone and proves to be highly useful for businesses out in the field.

Tracking with Barcodes

Every item in your inventory can be assigned a barcode using the software. Employees may simply update information using the mobile app on their smartphones or tablets whenever they use assets on the field. Apart from that, misplacing an asset while working on a project on-site is pretty typical; the mobile app’s GPS tracking feature allows you to track asset whereabouts in no time!

Asset audits and inventory counts are made easier

If you use an on-premise asset management system to update asset information, the process will take days and need a lot of physical effort. Your staff can use their smartphones to scan barcodes of all assets for audit season and inventory counts with the help of an asset monitoring mobile app. This enables a simple, efficient method that allows your employees to move to multiple asset locations while entering data into the server simultaneously. Using a mobile app to do real-time inventory counts and audit processes saves you time and money.

Allows access to data outside of the office

With the asset tracking mobile app, your employees can access real-time data while on the road. It is much easier to carry all asset-related information on your smartphone while visiting a vendor or booking a venue for an event. It keeps you up to date without the burden of lugging around papers or laptops, and it allows for a more productive work atmosphere.

Provides mobile workforce management services

Your staff may check in and check out assets on the spot using the asset tracking software mobile app. This helps keep track of all activities and prevents mismanagement of corporate assets. Additionally, you can use the mobile app to keep your staff up to date on their daily duties for the duration of the business trip. High performance and productivity are the results of effective staff management.

Top 10 features that make your Asset Management app worth

1. Asset addition and discarding
2. Access Asset Information from anywhere, anytime
3. Asset Check-in and Check-out
4. Managing Asset Maintenance Schedule and Tickets
5. Asset tracking with Barcode and QR Code Scanning
6. User Management
7. Asset Movement History
8. Upload Files and Documents
9. Centralized Communication dashboard
10. Integration with Handheld Devices and software

Top 5 Industries that can be benefited from Asset Tracking and Management App

Asset tracking mobile app has shown to be efficient in providing businesses with a precise solution for managing and overseeing their resources, equipment, tools, buildings, and assets. Businesses in a variety of industries have realized the benefits of investing in asset tracking mobile apps to have complete insight into overall asset-related activities. They’ve also used these platforms to help them make well-informed decisions about their resources.

So, which industries benefit the most from asset tracking apps? To discover out, look at the list below.

Manufacturing Industry:

An asset monitoring database is essentially a dream come true for manufacturers, as it allows them to track anything relevant to their business virtually. One of the industries that would benefit the most is manufacturing. To properly organize their inventories and stocks and guarantee that their supply chain operates smoothly, manufacturing enterprises use the finest asset management app by adding a Barcode or applying an RFID Tag to their assets.

Healthcare Industry:

To meet the needs of patients, hospitals and clinics can create patient profiles through mobile asset management applications. Patient data can be analyzed over time to provide insights into their behavior and preferences. By supplying medical professionals with devices compatible with your platform, they may be watched for their own security and well-being. As a result, an asset monitoring app changes the way healthcare organizations track resources in real-time.

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IT Industry:

Managing information technology tasks are time-consuming and costly. An asset tracking app solves this problem by providing a single repository for all data related to hardware and software and other inventory under the IT umbrella. More advanced Asset management mobile apps allow for more automated asset management and the organization of critical data for reporting and resolution.

Real Estate Industry:

Some Real estate business houses specialize in renting out common areas, function rooms, conference halls, and open green spaces, to name a few. With an asset tracking app, these businesses can keep an accurate inventory of their property and facilities based on geographical location, condition, and other factors.

Rental Industry:

Equipment rental businesses operate differently from their regular retail peers. While most traditional merchants market an item and terminate its lifecycle the moment it’s bought, equipment hire enterprises sell usage of the item for a period of time and retrieve the loaned apparatus once the fixed time is up. Because of this, having an asset tracking app has become the backbone of any successful rental-based company. Examples of these ventures include large equipment rentals such as businesses that let out bulldozers, excavators, backhoes, forklifts, and cranes.

How much does it cost to develop an Asset Tracking & Management App?

The cost of asset tracking and management mobile app development is determined by the number of features and functionality it demands and the level of complexity and automation it requires. As the requirement raises, it raises the cost as well. Back-end and API configuration, UI/UX design complexity, whether it’s an Andriod app development or iOS app development or it will be multiplatform friendly, and other significant aspects that affect your prices and can raise the level of cost, depending on how it’s employed in development.

The total cost of establishing such an app can range from $10,000 to $20,000 for simple capabilities, but an app with all sophisticated features can cost anywhere from $25,001 to $50,000. But as discussed above, based on customized requirements, cost varies case by case.

To know precisely how it costs per your requirement, reach us at [email protected] and get your quote today!

Ending note:

Asset Management Software’s mobile app gives you access and convenience 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you want to know where your asset is, you don’t need to find a computer nearby; simply grab your smartphone and use the application program. Everyone expects convenience, real-time access, and ease of use with a mobile application. The mobile app has enhanced the Asset Management Software, which allows for asset utilization, maintenance, and tracking.

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How Customized Asset Tracking & Management Mobile App can simplify operations?

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How Customized Asset Tracking & Management Mobile App can simplify operations?

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