How Much Does It Cost to Develop eLearning Mobile App?

29 Jan 2020

In the world of technology, mobile and web applications have become very common among businesses. Even though terms applications and e-learning are commonly used but not many people know exactly what it means. Let us understand e-learning in detail.

What Does One Understand by eLearning?

eLearning is short-term used for electronic learning. It is a way in which you learn and get trained through online resources. Many people use the word e-learning in different ways such as internet learning, online courses, distance education, etc. There are also different methods in which you can learn through digital mode such as eLearning app, DVDs, CDs, online live session’s videos, etc.

Even though the courses available in this form of learning is all online, you can still interact with the teacher through some live sessions. Most of these courses have scheduled time wherein each student can resolve his or her queries by communicating with the teacher online. One also gets assignments and tests that help you in the evaluation of your learning.

Due to its convenient and effective learning methods, e-learning has become quite famous over the years. One can easily learn using smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, etc. at the ease of home or anywhere you are.

Why do you need an eLearning Mobile App?

Mobile apps have become the latest trend and have found their way to become popular for studying. eLearning mobile apps have become very popular among students at different levels of learning. There are many reasons why you need an online study mobile app as part of your education. Some of the reasons for the use of the mobile app are listed below.

You do Not Need Internet at All Times:

Study mobile apps are developed in such a manner that lets you download the content or access the contents offline. Hence, it is not necessary that you need to be online all the time. It is also useful when you are in remote areas where there is limited or no access to the internet.

It can be Accessed Quickly:

Many of you must have dealt with the difficulty of accessing the internet in certain areas. When you are accessing the internet for some important work, every second count and if the internet is slow then you feel like you have spent ages on the page to download.

Hence, a mobile study app is developed in such a manner that it can be accessed quickly without worrying about the speed of the internet or the area where you are in.

You get Individual Focus:

When you are learning a class of about 30-40 students, it is difficult to get individual attention from the teacher. But with the mobile app, you can get individual attention from the teacher. You can learn at your own pace and even interact with the teacher or the professor by schedule a one-on-one session with him or her. You also have the advantage of going back to previous chapters to refresh what you have learned.

You are not Time-Bound:

Enrolling in regular classes means that you need to block those number of hours from your daily schedule to attend these classes. If you are working and pursuing a course at the same time, then this can become a challenge. But with mobile learning apps, this is not necessary. You can study when you are free and at your pace. This way you are not only studying but also do not have to block your time and affect your work.

Use of Interact Method of Learning:

When you are in a mobile app for online study, you will find that the method used for teaching is interactive and fun. This helps in keeping focus and pay attention to what the course offers.

What are the Features an eLearning App Provides?

An eLearning app has many features that make it most useful and effective in learning.

Offers Multiple User Support:

Many eLearning apps come with a feature where multiple users can gain access to the content. This means that a group of people can have access to the app on the same device or using shared devices.

You Can Change the Background:

Like most of the applications, some of the eLearning apps have the facility of changing the background as per the likes of the person accessing it. However, the look and feel of the app itself are unique and nice that many people do not change it.

Assessment of the Course without the Need for the Internet:

The most important feature of any eLearning app is assessing your assignments without the need for the internet. Hence, you can do your assignments even if you do not have the internet and save them.

Courses According to Age Group:

Every age group has different levels at which they learn and understand. An e-learning app has courses and contents divided into different age groups. This helps the students in choosing the courses according to their own age group.

Push Notifications for the App:

Push notification is one of the best features that any app can provide as it gives you a notification when your results are out or when an offer or content has been uploaded. This way you cannot miss out on anything.

Example of eLearning: Udemy eLearning Mobile App

If you are looking for developing a mobile eLearning app, then you can start with the course on how to develop eLearning apps like Udemy. Udemy is one of the best examples of such courses in a mobile app. It offers various courses in different sectors such as personal development, accounting and finance, marketing, design, mobile and web app development, etc.

iDoc Academy: eLearning App Developed by Quest Infosense

idoc Acedomy eLearning Mobile App by Quest Infosense

One of the successful eLearning Mobile app iDoc Academy developed by Quest Infosense, which is totally based on eLearning concept, Provides eLearning to Dermatologists & Cosmetologists. It is cost-effective and covers all aspects of e-learning. iDoc Academy is available in different devices like Web version, Android & iOS mobile device. As part of the course for doctors or Dermatologists, iDoc covers all the basics and advanced level course related to Dermatologists & Cosmetologists study.

Benefits of eLearning App over normal Material

Today when technology has become a trend and eLearning apps have gained a lot of popularity among the students. They are proven to be more beneficial than normal materials used by students.

Here are the reasons why.

When students are introduced to the world of technology, they tend to grasp things faster. eLearning apps give the students the flexibility to learn at their own pace and convenience. This helps them to learn their subjects faster than what they learn through normal classes or materials.

When a student uses normal materials to study, the chances of them retaining the information may be less. This is because the content may be complicated and not interactive enough for the student to remember. However, the eLearning apps have contents that are interactive and communicative which helps the students to remember what they have learned for a longer period of time.

Buying of normal materials or getting them photocopied can cost you some money. But when eLearning Mobile apps are cost-effective and also eco-friendly. You just download the app and register for the course that you want. Once you have started your course, you can simply download the contents and go through them.

Using eLearning apps helps in saving time because you do not have to wait for your teacher to arrive or travel to your learning center. The apps can be accessed anywhere and at any time. Since the contents are pre-loaded in these apps, you do not have to wait for the teacher to start teaching you.

What is the Cost Involved in Mobile Application Development?

The cost of mobile app development may depend on many factors such as:

How complex the app is?
How many features are to be included?
Whether it is a hybrid or a native app.
How many third-party APIs are included in your app?
In which country is the app being developed?

After you have considered all these factors, you need to have a team of experts or developers who can develop the mobile application as per your requirements.

For developing a mobile app, you need a team of IT professionals that includes a project manager, UI/UX designers, team leaders, programmers, and quality analysts. The number of team members depends upon how complex your project is and what is the deadline for your project. For eLearning Mobile app when you hire the entire team for the development of the project it cost around $7000 to $15000 for Mid Range mobile app development & $16,000 to $30,000 for Full Customization with multiple functionalities.

Hence, ensure that you have planned and decided what your end product will be when you are hiring a team of developers.


eLearning apps are quite useful and developing the basic mobile app can be developed in an efficient way if you have learned about it. There are many features and benefits that make these apps a perfect way of learning and developing skills. If you are planning to develop web or mobile apps for any purpose and you have no knowledge about it, then you can hire an app development company.

Quest Infosense offers various services such as app development for iPhone, Android & Web Development, Design with WordPress & eCommerce Development etc. The companies that develop these apps have a team of professionals who can help you in developing the app of your choice. One such company is Quest Infosense. So, no matter what app you are looking to get them developed, Share your next app development project idea with us & get a free cost estimate.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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