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Top Mobile App Technology Trends that Revolutionize Education Industry in 2019

It is very true that the only thing that is constant in the Universe is change. Everything has to get better continually, and this comes with innovation that is the basis of technology. One of the most important factors that requires a change in the

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality: What to Expect in Future

Virtual Reality and Augmented have one huge thing in common, and that is there remarkable capacity of altering the world’s perception. Virtual Reality can change the user brings you to some other place. This is done with a variety of closed gog

Internet of Things: The Emerging Trend in 2019

If you’re a sci-fi person, you must have seen how Tony Stark “The Iron Man” has his house wake him up tells him the news, the weather, prepares coffee for him and even dresses him up. You must have thought that it’s just the r

Google I/O 2018 Highlight & Keynote: What to expect!

Last year’s announcements at Google I/O made great headlines and also put smiles on tech enthusiasts. This is 2018 and yet another Google IO has been kicked off in Mountain View, California. This annual conference makes the public aware of what

Machine Learning for Business Applications

Present era has crossed the fourth dimensions in the latest technology features in sync with mobile app development. Have you heard about Machine Learning using the business Mobile app? Everyday Information Technology come up with latest techno craft

How to Design Effective eLearning Solutions

When you have to design an online training course in the form of a mobile app, web application or website, you probably start with these assertions: My product should be a substitute learning environment to the likes of a boardroom or classroom setti

Perceptive and Wonderful Mobile Technology for the new generation Women

Let us talk about the other half of this world today. The other partial that is usually forgotten, but still surprises everyone with their impeccable skills and talent. The other half that works tirelessly without even showing a tinge of fatigue on t

How Digital & Mobile Are Changing Sports Customer Experience

Sports and marketing have always been connected, way more than the average fan would think. Teams are brands, supporters are customers: with match attendance dropping year after year, sports companies need to find new ways to connect with their clien

5 Technology Trends That Will Impact Fashion Industry

Since the proliferation of digitization and extensive use of technology, the fashion industry has skyrocketed with number of innovations coming in and has become more digitally focused. As most of the retailers are getting into terms with eCommerce r

How India’s Demonetization Policy is Affecting Smartphones, Carriers and Mobile Payments

The night of November 8 was huge and path-breaking in defining the economic reforms and curbing corruption in the largest democracy of the world. The country demonetized two of its biggest currency notes that comprised 86% of the total liquid currenc