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WWDC 2017 Keynote: Everything Apple Announced That You Need To Know

On Monday, 5th June 2017, Apple has made several big announcements at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The two hours of announcements had unveiled about the new software and hardware feature upgrades. The Keynote mainly focuses on software

iOS 10.3 : A major Update for App Owners and Developers

Apple File System (APFS) can be updated to device’ file system (HFS+) by IOS 10.3. This will help save 1-7 GB of storage space. iCloud section displays the settings for icloud backup, keychain and Find My iPhone App etc. It recommends backing up of

How to Know When Your App Needs a Major Update

Mobile apps are almost everything to your business in today’s digitalized era. Just like you have to upgrade and brush-up your knowledge and keep yourself stuffed with the newest insights and ideas in and around your domain, your mobile app also ne

Top 5 Popular Messenger Apps you must know – The Ultimate Guide

A few weeks ago, my good friend had her phone stolen and I had the chance to witness firsthand just how much an average Smartphone user is dependent on their gadget. I later asked my friend what was it that she had missed the most about the phone, an

How to Manage a Remote Team Effectively?

In the modern ever-changing and rapidly developing world, it is almost impossible to imagine anything stable and stationary. The perceptions of communication, teamwork and a company changed dramatically. Nowadays, more and more outsourcing companies

3 Missing Elements Your App Needs to Succeed

There’s a lot floating around on the internet about how to make a successful mobile app. Some of it is accurate, but much of it isn’t. So how does someone who is interested in creating their own mobile app empire know what advice is hokum, and wh

How Mobile Application Offers Benefits to Different Industries

In this competitive modern business era, all kinds of industries need struggle harsh to stay ahead of their leading rivals. Recent advanced technologies have assisted businesses to make their complex operations more efficient and quick. Nowadays, mob

How Artificial Intelligence Creates A Better Customer Service Experience

Let me start with a question, what can you relate Technology with? It can be being instant, accurate, trustworthy, upto the mark and many more. Apart from transforming the way businesses are done, technology, especially mobile technology in churning

Technology Shift: Moving from eCommerce to mCommerce

With more than five years of leading market researchers predicting mobile’s supremacy in retail landscape, the paradigm shift of e-commerce to mobile commerce (also known as m-commerce) is finally a reality! Smartphones and tablets have become an e

Must necessary to hiring a Specialized App development Team for Business Growth

If we say that Technology is the heart, blood and veins of businesses nowadays, it would not be an overstatement. Today technology and especially mobile technology has permeated into every aspect of our professional and social life. With a high amoun