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The Most Valuable Tips to Get 5 Star Ratings and Reviews for Your App

You must have come across the phrase, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” This is an era where the audiences are getting pampered with an extensive assortment of choices and if we center the discussion to mobile applications, then the comp

A Mobile App- Making Road Crossing Safer & Easier for Older People!

Switch on TV or read news via a mobile app, it is nearly not possible to find no news of road accidents. The world, undoubtedly, is improving in terms of technology and mobility. More and more cars are landing on the roads each day to make commuting

Useful Tips to Get Ready for a Successful Mobile App Launch

The mobile app development is an ongoing process. From finding a fresh concept for developing a new app to its successful launch on the app store or the play store, it’s just half of the work you have done. Launching your app does not mean that you

Mobile application testing – Best Practices

The require for mobile application testing has increased manifold following fast expansion of the telecom sector. Daily new mobiles are introduced with numerous operating systems, variety of hardware specifications, and wide-ranging software applicat

Well Tried and Tested Ways to Earn Maximum Money from Mobile App Development

The mobile app development market has grown substantially over the years and as per industry experts, it is showing no sign of slowing down in future. Today, 80% of internet users own mobile phones and it is no wonder why well-established companies a

7 Mobile App Security Best Practices Which Should Not be Missed

Mobile apps have become an indispensable part of our lives as with apps, we can do shopping, book a taxi, socialize and can also buy groceries. However, it is seen that most of the apps fail basic security test. There is no denying that improper mobi

Top 5 Popular Messenger Apps you must know – The Ultimate Guide

A few weeks ago, my good friend had her phone stolen and I had the chance to witness firsthand just how much an average Smartphone user is dependent on their gadget. I later asked my friend what was it that she had missed the most about the phone, an

Your Mobile App needs an update!

Nowadays smart phones are the most useful for the business to communicate well with consumers. Keeping a mobile app for the business use requires updates when scenario changed not only that but functionality or innovation of other app force you drive

4 Simple Steps for Developing a Video Chat App

It seems video chat applications are there since ages now. With Skype, Viber, Facetime, Tango and now WhatsApp, we have seen a lot of these applications and they are now a part of life. And this dependency on video chat apps is only going to grow wit

Mobile App For Real Estate Business Is The New Trend To Attract Customers

With most of the information is available through the medium of mobile apps, consumers are becoming more addicted to their handsets and find it the most easy and trustworthy way of getting information or services. In every segment of businesses aroun