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Things you need to know about Android P First Developer preview

Google is releasing a developer preview for the third time in a row for the next version of their mobile operating system as Android P.  The version has been developed with new features for apps and developers to take advantage of while there are ma

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an Android App?

“Developing an app on your own costs you nothing. But it may not give you anything in return as well- neither users nor money. “ Because not anyone can develop a mobile app, you need the right expertise and the right experience to build an app fo

Google’s Latest Announcement – The Android Excellence Program on Google Play

Recently, on 13th June 2017, Google has made a latest announcement of an Android Excellence Program, which is an expansion to its own Google Play Store. The key focus of this newly launched program is to offer the editors of Google Play the capabilit

Why Go for Android App Development for Your Business App?

The world is becoming restricted to mobile phones these days. People are ditching desktops; showing more interest in performing all the tasks with a single tap on their Smartphone. This has resulted in an escalating growth in the mobile app developme

Java or Kotlin for Android App Development: Key Factors to Consider

Mobile app development industry is rising at an enormous rate and with the growing require for apps, a large number of mobile app developers are coming up with very scalable apps that can satisfy your business requirements. However, while it comes to

Google Officially announces Android O for Nexus and Pixel Devices with Live Preview

First of all we will talk regarding the latest review, but the Android O will be central aim of discussions in the Google I/O 2017. Here are some of the salient features that accompany Android O: Notifications Channels These are application definite

Google May Soon Remove Apps With No Privacy Policies From The Play Store

It looks like privacy policy rules are getting tougher on Google’s Play Store platform for the Android operating system. While previously developers could just wing it in terms of displaying privacy policies, Google seems to have put its foot down

Get An Early Scoop On How To Create A Great Grocery Shopping App

Things that in the days of old might have taken a long time to complete can now be enjoyed as a very fast and seamless experience thanks to modern day technology and an invasion of mobile app integration to a long list of concepts and services. From

Must necessary to hiring a Specialized App development Team for Business Growth

If we say that Technology is the heart, blood and veins of businesses nowadays, it would not be an overstatement. Today technology and especially mobile technology has permeated into every aspect of our professional and social life. With a high amoun

Android Nougat is here The Developers Delight

With Android Nougat, Google is here with the 7th Generation of the ever improving mobile OS system. It was launched with much anticipation in the month of August as the new version had some of the most immaculate features a mobile OS platform could e