How to Build a Language Learning App? – Top 9 Features that make it Worth

17 Nov 2021

It is critical to be fluent in a foreign language in today’s world when so many businesses are becoming global. This is something we’re all aware of. As a result, while some of us seek effective ways to learn new languages, others are attempting to find the best answer to the problem, including developing educational mobile and web platforms. And the most successful of these services can also be quite profitable for their proprietors.

What does a Language Learning app consist of?

To create a language app, you must first grasp how such apps work and what it must need to be within. Let’s see what we can do!

So, what capabilities does the language application need to provide?

Exercises for training

Provide as many different lessons as possible for users to learn new words, read and interpret material, improve listening comprehension, and so on.

There Should be video content

To create a language learning app, you need to provide the service with exciting video content, such as music videos, movie fragments, and so on. Subtitles (and possibly translation) must, of course, be present!


What could be better than reading a book by one of your favorite authors in its original form?

Especially if helpful pointers and tips are included in the text (such as translations of tough phrases)? Of course, beginners will struggle with the assignment, but those who wish to enhance their language skills will appreciate your efforts.


Another helpful feature of a language learning tool is that the bot’s job is to respond to common user questions (regarding the pronunciation of a specific word, etc.). Furthermore, you can give a user the option of asking a bot to evaluate the level of pronunciation of a phrase that he (or she) has recorded (and, if possible, to translate). This necessitates the implementation of the speech translation function, which may increase project costs. However, taking this technique improves the user experience of your language learning service. We figure it’s worth the extra money, right?

Benefits of Developing Language Learning App

1. You can learn anywhere and at any time

A language learning software allows your target audience to learn any of their desired languages at their leisure, anywhere, and anytime. If your customers want to study a language in their spare time, they can use your app’s language learning solution to make that time more productive.

2. Pick up any language to learn

One of the most significant benefits of creating a successful language learning program is that your customers can learn any language they want, including Portuguese, English, Italian, German, Irish, Spanish, French, and Chinese. You can make language learning enjoyable and straightforward for your consumers. Allow kids to take part in a variety of lessons!

3. Exceptional User Interface

Another benefit of creating a language learning program is the slick and appealing user interface. A tiny turtle button in the app allows users to listen to the slow pronunciation of a phrase or word. In the exercises, users must speak slowly and clearly because it instructs them to type what they hear. As a result, if you create this app, you will be able to attract a large number of users due to the app’s appealing UI, which makes it easy for them to use.

4. Make it possible for users to keep track of their progress.

Building a language learning app allows users to track their progress on a regular basis, allowing them to see where they need to improve. Users may keep track of their progress and see how far they’ve come since their last performance.

5. The Most Effective Learning in the Least Amount of Time

Everyone would use your app for language learning because they don’t have enough time to attend a traditional course at an institute. As a result, your app must provide high-quality learning in a short amount of time. Users will not spend a lot of time on your app. The maximum number of users can give only one hour. As a result, you must ensure that you educate them on something useful and worthwhile during this time.

Top features to add while developing Language learning app

1. Create an account/log in

To create a language learning app, you’ll need to keep the authorization system up to date. A user must answer certain questions such as their name, email address, gender, and age, then input their password, and they’ve done! You can include the capability of approving using social accounts to make the entire process easier.

2. Profile of the User

Users must create accounts and fill out profiles with data in order to use language learning software. Apps may request the following data:

  • Information about an individual’s identity, such as a photo, sex, and age.
  • Which language should you study?
  • Establishing a daily goal
  • Concentrate on the linguistic level

3. The Instructional Screen

It’s a dashboard that allows users to track their progress and includes tools to aid learning.

Procedure for learning

When a user selects a daily goal, he must do a certain number of exercises each day to earn a certain amount of points. By completing activities correctly, the user earns incentives that can be redeemed in the Shop.

To keep your language learning app engaging and intriguing, it should provide a variety of lessons:

  • An audio phrase is translated
  • Choose a pair of languages.
  • Select the most accurate translation.
  • Choose an image.
  • Choose the term that is missing.
  • Prompts
  • Record and translate
  • Make a phrase out of the words you’ve been given Achievements Users can also monitor their achievements on the learning screen, such as:
  • Reward Points
  • Crowns
  • Progress bar

4. Profile and Preferences

The user’s personal user profile contains all of the user’s information and allows them to track their language learning progress. The user can edit their profile at any time to change their data or settings.

5. Joining an Online Community

The essential aspect of the language learning procedure is to provide users with a platform where they may openly communicate, such as a forum, where users can discuss trade choices and lesson subjects on various themes to improve their skills.

6. Go shopping

This tool converts reward points earned while learning a language into actual purchases. These jewels can also be purchased rather than only obtained as a reward. You may utilize this feature to monetize a language learning software if you want to make money from it.

7. Health

For a language study app, this is a unique function. When learning a new language, it’s normal to make mistakes. Every blunder made by the users degrades their virtual health. The user will be unable to continue the schooling process if their health level falls to zero.

8. Streaming in real-time

You can boost candidates’ confidence by using a feature to hold live video conferences with real teachers. It will also make the self-study process more engaging and enjoyable.

9. Illustration

A fantastic illustration may improve the appearance of any situation. As a result, include illustrations in the app’s UI. It serves as a necessary component of the user’s learning process and makes the interface appear lovely.

Bottom line:

As you know, developing such apps necessitates knowledge, so you will need to hire specialists to implement your language learning app concept. You must decide on the exact format of your app.

The next step is to acquire app developers who can comprehend your needs and assist you in designing exactly what you require. Make a list of the app’s requirements. Maintain marketing support as well. Overall, this is how you may create a successful language learning software. Connect with us at [email protected] to get started now with the development of the language learning app you had in your brain.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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How to Build a Language Learning App? – Top 9 Features that make it Worth

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