How to market a Mobile App successfully?

Mobile App popularity is the goal using App Store Optimization. Once the product has developed by the mobile application developer, the marketer comes in a role to win the people by offering schemes. There are many mobile apps available in the play s

Top Strategies to Increase App Downloads

With over two million apps it’s a hard task to stand out and get found by prospective users. It’s brutal competition and there’s nothing more draining than working so hard on a fantastic product, only for returns – low downloads and low ROI

6 Tips for Effortless iPad Application Development!

Developing an iPad application is a challenging task as you have to turn your innovative concept into a business-driven app. To make your iPad application rock in the Apple app market, you must take the perks of the following tips!  1. Hire the best

Your Mobile App needs an update!

Nowadays smart phones are the most useful for the business to communicate well with consumers. Keeping a mobile app for the business use requires updates when scenario changed not only that but functionality or innovation of other app force you drive

Machine Learning for Business Applications

Present era has crossed the fourth dimensions in the latest technology features in sync with mobile app development. Have you heard about Machine Learning using the business Mobile app? Everyday Information Technology come up with latest techno craft

How to Manage a Remote Team Effectively?

In the modern ever-changing and rapidly developing world, it is almost impossible to imagine anything stable and stationary. The perceptions of communication, teamwork and a company changed dramatically. Nowadays, more and more outsourcing companies

How to Design Effective eLearning Solutions

When you have to design an online training course in the form of a mobile app, web application or website, you probably start with these assertions: My product should be a substitute learning environment to the likes of a boardroom or classroom setti

4 Simple Steps for Developing a Video Chat App

It seems video chat applications are there since ages now. With Skype, Viber, Facetime, Tango and now WhatsApp, we have seen a lot of these applications and they are now a part of life. And this dependency on video chat apps is only going to grow wit

Advantages of Using Chatbots in Real Estate

A real estate chatbots allows the prospective clients to browse during the property listings. They will be answering questions based on preference for relevant recommendations on properties. It is often adopted as a tool for the staid minded clients

Mobile App For Real Estate Business Is The New Trend To Attract Customers

With most of the information is available through the medium of mobile apps, consumers are becoming more addicted to their handsets and find it the most easy and trustworthy way of getting information or services. In every segment of businesses aroun