How to create your first Business Mobile App with these Eight Steps

Have you decided to create first mobile app for your business? Congrats! Mobile marketing has become more competitive. Yet, it comes with an edge over other forms of internet marketing. The market for mobile apps has grown leaps and bounds in the pas

React Native vs Native: How to Choose Best Platform for App Development

When it comes to technology, comparison is necessary. How would you know that one application is better than the other? You find reviews and ratings before downloading an application. You cannot buy each and every mobile phone in this world and that

10 Best tips to ensure better security of your Mobile apps

Mobile applications are increasing every day and developers are designing an  app for every single thing be it counting your steps or paying online for anything. It’s true that not all these mobile apps are safe and cannot be trusted blindly.

Things you need to know about Android P First Developer preview

Google is releasing a developer preview for the third time in a row for the next version of their mobile operating system as Android P.  The version has been developed with new features for apps and developers to take advantage of while there are ma

How Artificial Intelligence can be a future of mobile app development

It is needless to mention that the android and iOS app development is probably the finest revolution that computer science has harbingered to today’s civilization. However, the nascent era of mobile apps witnesses a cessation with the dawn of Artif

The Most Valuable Tips to Get 5 Star Ratings and Reviews for Your App

You must have come across the phrase, “First Impression is the Last Impression.” This is an era where the audiences are getting pampered with an extensive assortment of choices and if we center the discussion to mobile applications, then the comp

Major Challenges in the On-Demand Laundry Sector

  You know how on-demand services have growing to serve evolved user needs through mobile apps and the laundry sector is no exception. But here we are not talking about the privileges that it has while serving the people it targets as users thro

A Mobile App- Making Road Crossing Safer & Easier for Older People!

Switch on TV or read news via a mobile app, it is nearly not possible to find no news of road accidents. The world, undoubtedly, is improving in terms of technology and mobility. More and more cars are landing on the roads each day to make commuting

8 Crucial Methodologies for Better Mobile App Usability

The demands for well-developed mobile apps are growing at an enormous rate because a large number of entrepreneurs are investing in mobile app development services. Due to this growing demand, mobile app developers are coming up with a wide assortmen

On-Demand Parking Apps- Learnings You Can Draw Out

It’s a known fact now that mobile is ruling the world hands down especially after the inception of on-demand applications. You think of a service and you have an app satisfying the need of yours. Doorstep delivery of services has certainly revoluti