• 6 Nov 2016
  • iOS

5 Tips To Avoid App Rejections On Apple Store

Intend to build an app for iOS? Well, it is damn easy these days as there are loads of tutorials over the internet teaching how to engage in the process. All this has led to many individuals trying their hand in developing apps. Further, these indivi

How to Evaluate Quotes from Mobile App Development Companies

You might have come across this adage for a zillion times on online articles and community forums about how to find the best mobile app development company. It’s relatively easier to assess an app development company’s level of expertise by explo

A Brief Guide To Build The Next Generation Healthcare App

As people are becoming more and more health conscious these days, they prefer using their smart phones and devices to keep a track of their health. There has been a significant rise in the number of mobile apps for the healthcare industry. Many healt

Some reason to iBeacon Technology boosting the local Marketing strategies

With the essence of digital marketing on the rise, there is an acute need to develop unprecedented marketing strategies, more importantly, local marketing strategies for the retailers. As they work more on the ground level, integrating local marketin

  • 6 Sep 2016
  • iOS

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Objective-C or Swift for Your Project

It’s not a “David Vs Goliath” thing to decide between whether to use Objective-C or Swift. As both stand firmly on their own merits, it is not always easy to choose between them. In deciding whether to choose Objective-C or Swift at the start o

Windows 10 Tip: Find your favorite holiday music with Microsoft Groove

Today, we’re showing you a couple ways you can make the most of Groove Music for all your holiday playlists! From modern twists such as Josh Groban’s “Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to oldie classics like Frankie Valli’s “Merry C

  • 2 Jul 2016
  • iOS

Top iPhone Application Development Trends for 2016

So, what does 2016 has in store for the iPhone application development market in India? This is itself one of the key trending topics among iPhone app development company and business enterprises looking to harness the lucrative app market. Competiti

Technology Shift: Moving from eCommerce to mCommerce

With more than five years of leading market researchers predicting mobile’s supremacy in retail landscape, the paradigm shift of e-commerce to mobile commerce (also known as m-commerce) is finally a reality! Smartphones and tablets have become an e

7 things important Social Networking Apps are so vogue in new generation

It won’t be overwhelming to say social networking sites are truly whooping it up. And, the fast increasing sale of Smartphones and tablets worldwide is further fueling the popularity of social media apps. You, like most of people out there, are awa

How can Mobile Applications helpfull Automation in Healthcare

Mobile applications are an irreplaceable part of our lives today. We have plenty of apps for food, games, news, music & entertainment, social networking, and anything under the sky. But, did you ever imagine having an app can monitor and improve