7 step to build an enthralling App Prototype

7 Feb 2017

Mobile technology and mobile apps have become a necessary and essential thing for the new age business and organizations and app prototypes form the base of every mobile application. It is said that if you work on the app prototypes in the correct manner, you can ensure a better path of implementation for your mobile app. App prototypes are instrumental in enhancing the innate persona that every mobile app has in it from the beginning. Correct app prototypes are needed to adopt iterative and rapid development approach during the process of mobile app development.

Mobile app prototypes are ideal for mapping user scenarios and align them so as to make sure that the entire process of mobile app development goes well with designing and presenting the app. The ruthless mobile app development industry doesn’t spare anyone who lags behind in the cut-throat competitive environment. And, if the thoughts and concepts are not clear at the time of inception, the entire story can become an intensively stressful and painful task.

Thus in this article, we bring in finely researched and used steps to create an optimum app prototype so as to make the process of mobile app development free flowing and stress-free.

Define the goal and prime USP of your app

Inspirations are important in creating a winning mobile app, but that inspiration needs to be channelized and directed according to the goals right from the outset. Thus, before getting into designing the app prototype, be crystal clear in some of these questions i.e. primary function of the app, what problem does it solve and how can it be beneficiary to your targeted audience. Thinking from the perspective of an established mobile app development company will be beneficial in such instances.

While seeking the answers to these questions you can make the app prototype so comprehensive that it will make your app sticky. By sticky I mean, it will make the audience stay connected for longer periods of time. And talking about the targeted audience, how we can forget the essentiality for mobile app’s USP. During the app prototype, make it clear that about the main points and specifications you are going to focus during the entire process.

Doing the Documentation in the correct manner

Before indulging in the process of app development, document the plan of development. Set your thoughts and combine them in proper sequence according to the pattern which relates with your app in the most optimum manner. Fine tune all the related details optimize it with instructions and suitable markups. After doing this, make sure that you stay firm on your thoughts and stick to your format. Then divide all the screen, services and features into different headings and subheadings with respect to the flow of the app. This structured process will render rich wireframes.

Developing the Wireframes

With the process of app documentation, you are done with one of the decisive tasks but you are in line with another one. After portraying all the ideas out on a paper, curate process and organize your thoughts and calibrate them in wireframes. These wireframes will be the rough sketches or live drawings that will provide the initial stability to the app prototype during the time when it is just a floating concept.

Story mapping and gathering requirements

Gathering things and mapping them will pave for a more creative and open-minded method of mobile app prototyping. Mapping can give a dynamic storyboard which will stay integrated throughout the process. It will eliminate the non-essential features and beautify your mobile app with certain add-ons. Moreover, it will also enhance the process of adding further updates to the original product without any fuss.

Creating the mobile app blueprints

After completing the basic selections, it’s time to allow them for the authentic and optimized mobile app blueprints. With the app blueprints, you can allow your app to create a tidier and clear appearance that focuses on the details ever more precisely. Also, you can rearrange and set the already placed screens functionally, adding attributes to their further fine tune. This will allow a more realistic and practical approach to the mobile app development and will include all the essential set of points needed.

User testing

The above step leads to the final stages of app prototyping and will have mobile app fully coded and designed in your hands. So for polishing the UI elements, you can create a beta version of your app and release it on the app store for user testing. This round of user testing will have the developers sure about the nits and grits of the app and will also enable them to do the changes according to the reviews and reactions they get from their audiences.

The final punch

By incorporating all the things according to their place and fitting, you are all set to deliver the final punch and build a near perfect mobile app. The final design will take you to the step of creating an immaculate prototype for your mobile application. This is where you get a clear picture of how your mobile app will look, how it will interact with the user and how will it actually deliver the goods once is on the App Store.

You can optimize the app at all levels of work simulation by reworking all the aspects that you think needs to be more refined and even can push on its degree of reliability, validity and completeness.


Mobile app prototyping can be a potential weapon in your mobile app development arsenal. It is important as every process right from the front-end and back-end stories to the final stages, everything goes through the gatepost of app prototypes and allows the mobile app development team to be collaborative, proactive and creative in its approach.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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7 step to build an enthralling App Prototype

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