6 Important Resources For Mobile App Design

6 Nov 2016

Ever wondered what is the most effective strategy to adopt for making your app visible? Undoubtedly it is one that most developers ignore and do not spare much time on – Design. The way your app is visible will make people notice it; even before the thought of downloading it strikes their mind and also before they think of testing it for its functionality. The initial impression your app makes will affect the future course of actions from the user perspective. Eventually, this is what will form the base for your app’s success.

Loads and loads of apps

There are millions of apps on Apple Store and also on Android. This makes differentiation difficult for users to check particular apps. The seemingly endless number of apps and the huge competition in this market makes it difficult for the users too to choose apps. This makes it mandatory that your app is special; special in terms of functionality as well as its appearance. You need to grab those eyeballs to let people know how useful your app is.

A cluttered world

When we talk on terms of digitization, this world is cluttered with apps. You can easily say that every other day, a new app hits the market and intends to grab customer attention. It is natural that humans love visual brilliance and are attracted to excellent designs. So this makes it all the more important that your app is designed creatively and intelligently to grab attention in this cluttered world. If not, there are high chances that it may not even take off.

So what are the options for having a good design for your app? Well, there are many as such; however, we have listed some below for you. So lets begin..

1. Beautiful Pixels: This website renders digital designs and pixel beauty. It possesses a huge range of topics and devices that are beneficial for development of beautiful app designs. You will find the best options in terms of UI designs here. Further, the site also links you to incredible and useful resources.

2. Android Patterns: These are common set of interaction patterns which assist in developing Android based app designs. The intention here is to help and guide in streamlining designs with own ideas. The aim of this avenue is to aid designers and developers with consistent interactions and animations throughout the apps they design.

3. Android Niceties: This has a huge collection of Android based app designs which are good if you need inspiration while designing your own app. You will find nicely presented screen shots for different categories of apps here.

4. Unsplash: This is the perfect place for finding good photographs for using in apps. Further, the important point is that all these photographs are copyright free and of high resolution. So overall, this is a blessing for budding app developers.

5. App Design Vault: This is actually a blog that provides incredible information about app design. The valuable information here is concentrated on both design and development flows. Further, it also provides you loads of links and resources to aid your app design endeavor. The amazing templates present here are also useful for UI design.

6. Inspired UI: This is a gallery that possesses amazing design for iOS as well as Android platforms. The designs will provide you the much needed boost for creatively designing the UI for your app.


Ever heard people saying that they hate fun? In terms of apps, this relates to aspects such as cool textures, fun buttons, bright colors and the overall design of your app. Ignore this and you are sure to regret later. Remember, fun does not necessarily mean going overboard. So use the above resources and develop a killer app design.

If you need more help regarding app design, get in touch with us here to know more.

Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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6 Important Resources For Mobile App Design

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