10 Best tips to ensure better security of your Mobile apps

22 Mar 2018

Mobile applications are increasing every day and developers are designing an ¬†app for every single thing be it counting your steps or paying online for anything. It’s true that not all these mobile apps are safe and cannot be trusted blindly.

Billions of people who own a smartphone and they are using a number of applications according to their regular need. So it becomes very important for the mobile app developers to provide their users with a safe and bane free experience to make their app trustable and get a good user base. While, mobile applications and games be the prior targets of hackers, who can inject deleterious malware, steal your customer’s data, get hold to sensitive data or access the IP of your company to drudge your back-end system.

This will not only compromise the application but also user base and hard-earned reputations. Thus, it becomes utmost important to develop the apps using proper security measures and make it difficult to intrigue.

Here, in order to help you out, have listed the 10 best tips or security measures that you must implement while developing your new app.

Make the app coding unanxious from the very start

Unlike the web applications, the mobile app data is stored on the device of the user and makes it easily accessible as well as tampering it becomes much easier for the hackers. This in order to avoid any tampering with your application, it is highly recommended for you to encrypt the app coding and obdurate to access. For this purpose, modern API Encryption techniques must be variegated with avant-garde algorithms.

Procure the Back End network affiliation

In case your app’s data is being stored on online clouds, it becomes very crucial to make the cloud storage protected from vulnerabilities and unauthorized access. For this purpose, “Containerization” should be used to encrypt all the sensitive data stored on the clouds and make it protected.

Know the prerequisites of the platform before starting

If you are developing a multi-platform mobile app to run on various devices, then you must apprehend the different platforms, their qualifying factors along with the security lineaments in order to write a better code for your application. It is favored for you to make the use of security measures such as passwords and fingerprint encryption along with geo-location support for an arrogate control of the application

Add multi-layered security with MAM/MDM

Mobile app or Device Management are being used by various large organizations in order to safeguard their app from various threats. The MAM/MDM services ensure a better security along with providing a multi-layer protection and also provides with the countenances such as remote wiping of device date and so on. Some good MAM/MDM hucksters are AirWatch, Apperian, and Good Technologies.

Establish a reliable API Security approach

The Application Program Interface (API) is an essential factor that decides the certainty of the mobile applications. The API is responsible for all the processing of your application’s data. So ensuring that the API has been properly secured becomes a significant criterion. Thus, developers must integrate AIA security measure that incorporates Authentication, Identification, and Authorization for a foolproof Application Program Interface.

Test, Check, Examine, Experiment!

Whenever anything new is made, testing the same plays a very important role in determining the durability and stability. The same thing applies to the mobile Apps, it must be tested once or thrice. The more an application will be tested, the more you will get to know about the vulnerabilities and then rectify them to find more. Test such as Penetration, Data security management is a must and the use of emulators should be employed to test the application of multiple platforms, browsers, and environments.

Never blindly trust any third party coding

A lot of time and effort is required in order to make an application up and running. Many times, to avoid the time and efforts, developers integrate the freely avail pre-written codes from various online sources. According to many surveys, these third-party codes have a maximum probability to be unreliable and might arise peculiar vulnerabilities for the application as well as the user. Thus, it must always be taken care of to write your own code or get the coding done from a highly trusted source.

Lesser Permissions, Lesser the attacks

Permissions requests by a mobile app play a very vital role and a lot of useless permissions could arise the deleterious vulnerabilities and open backdoors for your apps. Thus, the developer must ask for the permission that the application truly requires functioning properly. If your application does not need to access the dialer, then don’t ask for the permission to access the same. More permissions lead to a more deleterious attack, thus, minimizing the permissions is a wise and noxious idea.

Inure Tokens to manipulate user sessions

If your application requires a login, then you must employ tokens that will not only secure the user credentials but will ensure that only the user permission can access the application. Making the use of tokens is not only easy but also provides the user with a more reliable and safer experience. JSON Web Token is one such service for secure and simplified user logins.

Use secure data transference procedure

Data transference is being used by mostly every application nowadays. Making this process un-interceptable and hoax free becomes a very influential fraction to provide the user with a secure and dependable transference. Using tools such as Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) must be used to encrypt the whole process and make the data safe.

Make it Superior, make it secure!

Today, securing the applications with infallible security measures must be given the topmost priority than anything else. An insecure application makes it easier for the attackers to hack into the app’s coding and tamper it to harm the app users, by injecting deleterious malware to their devices or stealing their sensitive data. Thus, it is the sole responsibility of the developer to make the app unanxious from the vulnerabilities and provide your users with a great experience. This will not only grow your user base but will also provide you with a supercilious feel. If you are looking for any app development company to make your app secure contact us to get a free quote and give us a chance to accomplish your app health and secure.


Pratik Gothaliya

Pratik Gothaliya is the Founder and CTO of Quest Infosense, A web & Mobile app development company. Pratik has accomplished over 9 years of experience in the software industry. Being an integral part of the company he assures uncluttered functionality for service or products development to clients. he promptly stands with unparalleled accomplishment for his clients and people.


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10 Best tips to ensure better security of your Mobile apps

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